Day 22 – Thursday 19th May – Part One

Got a phonecall this morning from one of the nurses at Sunderland to say that Mr Cross (consultant) had been round and given kp the ok to be moved to Gateshead. Everything with the operation looked great on x-ray. He will also see me at 2pm today to go through things in more detail :-)

kp is due to be moved before 12pm. We will be very pleased when she is back at Gateshead.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Karen +David
    didnt read update last night fell asleep,it was a great read today i hope all this is going into a book when you are recovered Karen the spirit and fight you have shown is an insparation to every one reading it.Glad to hear you are going back to gateshead have a good trip,an no stopping off Karen for a glass of shampoo now you are drinking, expensive tastes that girl of yours has got david.mind you i will buy her a bottle when she is home.(Sorry about the anonymous but had a few probs loging in but hey never mind) keep up the good work both of you. Karen your hubby is a star keeping us updated.Margo

  2. vdfromboro says:

    Hi Karen,
    you are now back in Gateshead – yipeee. Obviously (following on from my email on Sunday) – the Consultants, in Sunderland, must all be ugly buggers and you are much happier giving them the eye in Gateshead. I will come and check out the Gateshead lot (i.e medics) as soon as possible.

    Debrief on their vital statistics would be appreciated.

    David – hope you are OK, sorry about getting over excited about the hairdresser!

    As always Karen take care, night, night.
    Luv Ronnie (Veronica)
    P.S Don’t forget to REST!!

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