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Day 16 – Friday 13th May

The nurses can’t leave Karen with the cuff deflated (so she can speak) for too long, as she has to make more of an effort to breath and it really tires her out. So for today, there was no voice. Records show…..

“6.30am -Trying to comm by lip reading and squeezing hands”

Karen was taken for a scan today to check her carotid artery for furring. A standard procedure after someone has had a stroke. Seems to be all clear :)

Mum and Dad were up visiting. For most of their visit she was asleep. The scan really took it out of her, but she did reward them with some awake time. What a shame the voice gadget wasn’t fitted. She had a high temperature today (39.7) and was very hot. We were constantly wiping her head, and when mum and dad went in I told them to continue that. Mum did it for a bit, then Dad. Dad said “I bet you prefer my TLC over Mums”. Karen smiled and nodded much to dad’s amusement.

Mum said to Karen that she was miffed that Karen would be getting her hip done before hers. (Mum is due a hip op). Karen smiled at this which pleased me and mum no end.

Other good news of the day was that Karen moved her left hand ever so slightly (the side affected by the stroke). I didn’t see it at first, it was the nurse (Gerry) who spotted it and let me know and then she did it again. I also noticed her mouth seems to be working on both sides a bit better. So there is big hope here !!!

We were told that on Sunday (assuming free ICU beds at Sunderland), kp would be moved to Sunderland and that the big pelvic op would take place on Tuesday. She would return to Gateshead on Wednesday.

Critical Op which we will all be pleased to have behind us !

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