Day 16 – Friday 13th May

The nurses can’t leave Karen with the cuff deflated (so she can speak) for too long, as she has to make more of an effort to breath and it really tires her out. So for today, there was no voice. Records show…..

“6.30am -Trying to comm by lip reading and squeezing hands”

Karen was taken for a scan today to check her carotid artery for furring. A standard procedure after someone has had a stroke. Seems to be all clear :)

Mum and Dad were up visiting. For most of their visit she was asleep. The scan really took it out of her, but she did reward them with some awake time. What a shame the voice gadget wasn’t fitted. She had a high temperature today (39.7) and was very hot. We were constantly wiping her head, and when mum and dad went in I told them to continue that. Mum did it for a bit, then Dad. Dad said “I bet you prefer my TLC over Mums”. Karen smiled and nodded much to dad’s amusement.

Mum said to Karen that she was miffed that Karen would be getting her hip done before hers. (Mum is due a hip op). Karen smiled at this which pleased me and mum no end.

Other good news of the day was that Karen moved her left hand ever so slightly (the side affected by the stroke). I didn’t see it at first, it was the nurse (Gerry) who spotted it and let me know and then she did it again. I also noticed her mouth seems to be working on both sides a bit better. So there is big hope here !!!

We were told that on Sunday (assuming free ICU beds at Sunderland), kp would be moved to Sunderland and that the big pelvic op would take place on Tuesday. She would return to Gateshead on Wednesday.

Critical Op which we will all be pleased to have behind us !

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  1. vdfromboro says:

    Well David I have not idea how this works it would appear that I’ve set me own web site up – is that right? I’m not too bloody sure – just hope this works!
    Well Karen if I have we’ve all been bloged. My title is vdfromboro – sums me up really. Unlike you I’m not on nicertine patches and need a fag so I’m going out to buy some, hope this message getes through – David consider it a test as I’m technically stupid (but better than Jane) when it comes to t’internet. Hoping I get confirmation of my “posting” – techincal speak or what and will write a letter later. Today
    Lots of luv
    Ronnie (vd)
    P.S bit lost now – David where the send button?

  2. vdfromboro says:

    Hells bells my comments have gone public – I did’nt realise! Good job I didn’t get soppy Karen, you wouldn’t like it in any case. I’ve got me fags now and feeling technically proficient, but also a bit wierd – David does this mean I’m an author on the world wide web and everyone reads my comments??
    Lots of Luv

  3. Linda says:

    Hi David,
    I have been kept up to date by Ronnie, prior to you setting up this site,but reading your comments and seeing the progress gives a feeling of involvement. Please continue as we all want to know first hand how Karen is progressing. (No pressure!)

    I know I’m terrible for keeping in touch but why is it that extremely good things and extremely bad things bring people into contact again? Karen has been in my thoughts constantly, as I’ve been spurring her on to recovery.

    To you, your family, Yvonne, Marie and Michelle I just wanted to say that your love and support will pull her through this.

    To the nursing staff – god help you when you have to put her through her physio!

    And to Karen –
    I just want to say that everyday gets you closer to getting better. I have no doubt with your strength and deternmination that you will bounce back and shock everyone with your rapid recovery. Keep up the fight!


  4. vdfromboro says:

    Hi Karen,
    Saturday night waiting for Davids up date – what a star he has been, I’ve nagged Jane and him for info all the time, sorry to all to be such a pain. Will wait on up date and send message tomorrow.
    Sleep well and store up all your strength for the op-that’s the most important thing, along with all Davids kisses (ok will never do soppy stuff again)
    Night night
    P.S David what does collaspe comment mean?

  5. David Pollard says:

    Click on it and you’ll see :)

    It won’t damage anything :)


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