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Day 402 – Thursday 1st June 2006

Not the best day today.

But to start on a positive note she had a brilliant night’s sleep. She was dreading another restless night and took a full tamazepam and it paid off. She was over the moon, only getting up once for a commode experience.

Incidentally from Tuesday to Friday this week, kp has to measure everything she drinks and everything she wees as part of the investigation into her bladder problems at night. On Tuesday night, she got up 6 times during the night and 15 times in total over a 24 hour period. We can’t afford to maintain such a toilet roll expenditure, so something has to be done about it, and it pisses Karen off of course. This is one of the other things that was getting her down the other day. Another thing I forgot to mention.

But, last night, she only got up once for a pee that she could recall, which is great.

Today, we started off with hydro. It went very well. And then Karen had wanted to go to a bathroom showroom in Stockton. I had no idea why, but was happy to be taximan. On the way there, I started thinking if we really needed an en-suite and mentioned it to her with all the pros and cons. She found this tricky to take in, despite a few attempts at explanation.

Once we had parked up, I got the floorplans and 3d mockups out to explain how it would be different if it wasn’t en-suite. She just couldn’t understand what I was saying. She couldn’t understand the concept of me moving a sink to one place and rotating a shower in another direction. She wasn’t crying at this stage, but was close to it, with the frustration.

kp:- Why can’t I get it ? It seems easy when you explain it ?!

dp:- I think it’s the stroke love. I think it has left you finding this kind of thing hard.

I think they called it spatial awareness.

So, we went in, I was none the wiser about why we were going in, I had assumed Karen had wanted to check prices and see other designs.

She started looking at things. This was nice, this wasn’t nice etc etc….

When we got to the showers, she couldn’t grasp which bathroom was having the walk-in shower and which wasn’t. Such a simple concept, but she simply couldn’t grasp it, no matter how many times I went through it. It was as if her mind was full up and was in information overload.

At this point, she got very upset. She couldn’t hold back the tears………

kp:- I don’t know what we came for ? I don’t get what we are doing.

It was so heartbreaking to listen to. I led her back to the car and we both had a bit of a cry in the car. We comforted each other and went back home. A completely pointless trip.

We both felt exhausted mentally and neither of us could be arsed talking bathrooms.

I tried to convince Karen that the bathrooms we have are fine, but she can’t be swayed and wants new ones. :-(

Anyway, bathrooms aside, we have had tea and are both feeling a bit better just being back at home and together. VD and Jane are coming for the weekend so that should take our minds off BLOODY BATHROOMS !

I’ll end with a photo. kp was out in the sun all day yesterday with Angela and Sisters. She caught the sun on her left shoulder and it looks really painful.

kp sunburned

But, here is one good aspect of her stroke ! She has reduced sensation on her left side and she can’t feel a thing !

Day 403 – Friday 2nd June 2006

A better day today.

100 Fentanyl patch on and kp was feeling better pain-wise than she had done for the last day or so.

She is still measuring liquids in and liquids out. I am getting a bit of a dab-hand at predicting liquids out before they are measured based on the length of the “liquids out” noise !

dp:- I think you’ll find that’s only 40ml love.

kp:- You’re spot on. How do you know that ?

So, any visitors to Chez Pollard shouldn’t be alarmed if they find me hovering outside the bathroom door as they tinkle and they are greeted on their departure with….

dp:- 200ml, nice one !

Today there was nothing on, for the first time in ages – which was great. kp had been thinking about the bathroom over night (she was up in the night) and had decided to postpone it.

I was over the moon, although it took a while today for my mood to lift.

I mowed the lawn and did jobs round the house and we spent most of the rest of the afternoon sunbathing and it was really lovely to spend some quality time together.

Jane arrived at 6pm ish and vdfromboro is due at 8.30pm for Lasagne, Salad and Jersey Royals :-)

Jane and kp outside before vd's arrival

Should be a good weekend.

Day 404 – Saturday 3rd June 2006

Well, I had a good day today and I think Karen did too.

Why so vague ? Well, I went to see my bezza Nige in Sunderland. It was glorious weather and a great bike ride. Motorbike that is, I am not fit enough to cycle to the nearest town, never mind Sunderland.

I left kp in bed – she had left me with instructions to get her up and changed at 9.30am, but she had a late night with the “girls” and left further instructions NOT to wake the beast her.

I was away from 9am until 3pm, and she only got up at 2.30pm ! And she still missed me :-)

The girls spent most of the afternoon sunbathing and snoozing.

Here is an early evening photo.

The Crew

Day 405 – Sunday 4th June 2006

We were all up quite early today as Jane and vd were leaving Chez Pollard. Jane was first to go and what a hectic time that was.  First of all, she started to complain that one of our Sycamore trees had left sticky spots all over her MG and could I have it removed before her next visit. She was heading off to an MG meet at Beamish and wanted it in tip top form.

She then started to set up her GPS system but had forgot a part. She wanted the hood down for the drive to Beamish, despite my warning that the forecasters had said light rain and spent an age getting the roof down and then tying it up beautifully so it really looked the part.

She had then forgot her sunglasses etc etc…..

It was an entertaining 10 minutes !

We waved her off and it started to pour down ! It would be very wrong to laugh, but I think a little snigger escaped through the side of my mouth.

We were knackered after that and kp and I have to go back to bed. Ronnie left a note saying she didn’t want to disturb us. Thanks VD ! :-)

We got up about 2pm, and had a cup of tea outside in the balmy heat, very relieved the sun was in. I tried to tell kp how low I was feeling at the moment, but it didn’t come out very well. I said things like”I felt trapped” and that “I hardly get any time to myself”, but this was met with “How do you think how I feel ?”. I think I am perhaps tired. It’s been a hellish week, and perhaps a few good sleeps will sort me out.
So, strange day today.

Day 406 – Monday 5th June 2006

A marginally better day today.

Considering we both slept so much yesterday, we both had really good night’s sleeps.

Today involved a trip to Hunter’s Moor to get kp’s bladder assessed. She had been filling in a “liquids in/liquids out” sheet for the past 4 days and the results were revealed. Apparently, a “normal” person should go no more than 7 times a day, and once in the middle of the night.

kp clocked up 11 times in the day, and 5 times in the night (on the worst day). She had an ultrasound of the bladder to confirm all was ok and basically the upshot of it all is that kp has to retrain her bladder to know when it’s full. Currently, she thinks its full at 150ml, whereas a “normal” person thinks it’s full at about 500ml.

So, she has been given some exercises to help better her 150ml.

Her eyes have been getting on her nerves today. We have an appointment lined up for this at the RVI in Newcastle. This seems to be the number 2 bugbear at the moment, after pain.

kp wasn’t 100% today mentally. She feels she is all alone and noone understands her, no doubt partially to do with my comments from the other day :-(

But, I think the next few days will see improvement. Here’s hoping !

Day 407 – Tuesday 6th June 2006

Good Day today. Seems like a while since we have had one of those.

Not much to report – kp’s bosses came for a natter. We took Bonnie to the vets to get her warts looked at, but they are nothing to worry about. Went to 2 garden centres to look for hanging baskets. Would you believe that the first one we visited has stopped selling them now ?!?!?!?!?!

The second one’s were too expensive at £25 a time !

Spent most of the afternoon relaxing in the garden. It was lovely and kp and I cooked a Chicken Bake together.

So, nice day.

kp has her next op on July 6th. This is the one where they cut her stomach open and patch together her stomach muscles. She is having it done privately paid for by the insurance company which seems fair.

Marie is coming tomorrow and it’s a ladies hair doo day, dp as taxi man.

Day 408 – Wednesday 7th June 2006

Lovely day today – it helps so much when the weather is gorgeous. It also eases Karen’s walking.

kp and I had a chat last night. The gist of it was she felt very alone. And that I didn’t care about her any more. She knows I love her and I do a lot for her, but she felt the care that I used to give her isn’t as present nowadays.

We discussed it through at great length and we came to an understanding that she is “talking out of her arse”. And probably just feeling low at the moment. Lo and Behold, she woke up this morning in a much better mood.

We went to 2 garden centres today and picked up 6 lovely hanging baskets. kp was well pleased. I dropped her off at the hairdressers where she met up with Marie who had bussed it over to stay the night and get her hair done.

When we got home, I started fitting a hose watering system for the watering baskets by the garage as Marie worked on another area of the garden with Karen advising. It was absolutely lovely outside today – hot sun, nice wind – perfect combination.

Karen offered to spray creosote the fence. I pumped, she sprayed. by that I mean I pumped the spray device up to pressure. My flatulence was in check today.

Cracking Day.

Here is Karen creosoting…..

kp creosoting

Here is Karen advising marie on hoe’ing.

kp jobbing stopped - pain

And here is the two of them, taking a well-earned break…..

kp and Marie outside

Day 409 – Thursday 8th June 2006

Karen had a REALLY bad night last night – she didn’t get to sleep until 6 am :-( The reason was pain. She overdid it yesterday. Standing for a while is bad enough, but standing and creosoting was too much !

She was in pain before she went to sleep and wanted her 100mg Fentanyl Patch on early. It was due tomorrow anyway. kp stayed in bed until 12pm.

Another good day today. The weather doesn’t half help – I sound like a broken record I know. I think we’ll have to move to sunnier climes ! ;-)

Leisurely morning for me while kp slept, but Marie busied herself ironing anything and everything. We took her back to the bus station and went to Hydrotherapy.

kp was a bit concerned that hydro would be too much today after yesterday, but thankfully they let her go easy and have a long weightless soak at the end.

We then went to the garden centre AGAIN ! :-) kp wants the raised area in the back yard done out (see picture of kp creosoting yesterday for the bit I mean). She wants it laying with slate chips and big planters so she can weed them herself without having to ask me. Well, I calculated we needed 24 bags of slate chips, 6 new big pots, 5 bags of compost and 5 bags of top soil. PLUS 5 billion plants to put in them.

Well, we loaded up the car with the 24 bags of slate chippings that weight a TONNE each. I say we, Karen obviously couldn’t have lifted one of these pre-accident without a lot of huffing and puffing, so it was down to me. No problem. I could load 3 bags on a trolley, 8 trips. Pile of piss. Well, it was such a hot day, and I was breaking into a sweat just breathing, I asked one of the garden centre chaps to do it. To my surprise, he said “Yes” :-)

I opened the boot and left him to it. At nay on £100 of slate, I didn’t feel too guilty. The downside was when I came back, he had loaded the boot with £100 of slate. Great, you may think. Not when the car boot’s underside is scraping along the road.

I tried to drive carefully out of the garden centre, but it was a non-starter. I was nearly doing wheelies. I moved 6 bags to the front and although it was better, I was still scraping the floor from time to time. I can hear my dad saying “DO TWO TRIPS YOU PILLOCK”. Of course, he’s right. I left Karen at the garden centre while I took this load home.
Anyway, I got them home safely and took a picture of the boot nearly touching the floor for posterity.

Car Laden with stuff

It took me ages unloading and moving them to the back, and was worried as hell about kp in the heat and not taking a break from standing for so long.

I think she was about to collapse by the time I got back. Certainly, she had had enough of garden centres and that told me something was definately wrong. She was aching all over and keen to get home.

I loaded the car with another load of goods and we went home. kp tried to sunbathe for a bit, but had to hit the sack. The discomfort was too much.

Here is the fruit of our work.

Fruit of our work

There is more than this – all the plants and extra compost and top soil is off camera !

Marie is coming back over the weekend to help kp do some potting. I might also ask her to move these 1 tonne sacks of slate and retarmac our drive before she goes. ;-)

Day 410 – Friday 9th June 2006

Cracking day today with a sour twist.

I worked on the blog book version for a few hours this morning as kp slept in. I am trying to get hold of colour photos taken from the helicopter that was at the accident scene. I rang the police and was met with some unexpected news. The man guilty of the accident has launched an appeal against his sentence. He feels it was unfair.

I was f***ing fuming. The boxer Naseem got a prison sentence for his dangerous driving and the chap he injured wasn’t anywhere nearly as badly injured as Karen or Angela.

Kp and I will definately be going to the trial to kick some ass. kp was as mad as me.

We had breakfast and then went to buy more of the garden centre.

Here’s our stash of plants…..

The Garden Centre at home

On our return, kp got very frustrated because she had to ask me to move all the heavy stuff where she wanted. It really pisses her off that she can’t lift heavy things and that she has to ask me for so much !

No tears though, just frustration.

But, a good day overall.

Day 410 – Friday 9th June 2006 – Addendum

Heart breaking.

Karen was in a LOT of pain towards the end of the day. She has really been trying to work hard at her gardening and it is making her body “a wreck”.

She wanted a bath as it sometimes eases her pains. After 15 minutes in the bath, it was time to get her out and she couldn’t sit up, it hurt too much – she spontaneously started crying. Real sobbing. It was so so sad to see her stuck in the bath, crying her heart out.

I comforted her as best as I could for about 5 minutes.

kp:- I have to get out.

So, with a big pull and a shriek of pain from Karen, we managed to get her sitting. At which point, she did a shuffle to sit back on the bath seat and she pushed the button to raise the bath seat.

The crying continued for a while, but she was tired and wanted to “get out of it”.

This morning (Saturday), we have had more tears.

kp:- I am sick of my body. It’s a wreck. It doesn’t do what I want it to do anymore.

I tried to tell her how much she had achieved this week etc etc, but it wasn’t enough for her and she wanted to do so much more.

She has gone back to bed (9am). Hopefully, when I get her up for the World Cup match, she will be feeling a bit brighter.

Day 411 – Saturday 10th June 2006

kp and I were due to go over to Adele’s to watch the England v Paraguay match, but unfortunately, kp’s pain levels were such that the trip would have been too much. Adele’s loo is upstairs and kp could do without that kind of additional stress on her body at the moment, so I picked Adele and the kids up and they came to us.

kp was in bed when we got back, but we all soon got into the football spirit.

Abbie and her big hat………

Abbie watching footie

Louisa was more interested in pushing an empty pram………

Louisa half watching

kp donned a hat on for a photo, but that’s about how long it stayed on her head…..

Karen in the mood

You can’t fully concentrate on the football match when kids are around, but we still enjoyed it. kp gave me one helluva stare when I got really wrapped up in the game and the ref made a lousy decision and I shouted………

dp:- You’re f**king kidding

I had to be a bit more careful after that.

With the match over, and a shaky win under England’s belt, we went out in the garden and I put the sprinkler system on for the kids who enjoyed jumping through the water.

Pizza for tea and a good day was had by all.

Apart from Karen whose pain has persisted all day, but thankfully not on yesterday’s scale.

Day 412 – Sunday 11th June 2006

A very productive day today but no doubt kp will pay the price for her hard work tomorrow.

The day started off with an early rise for kp when she heard the kids up and about. Abbie and I walked the dogs, taking 10 minutes for Abbie to get over a fence !! She is such a town girl. She is only 9, but has the fashion sense of a 14 year old and I don’t think she fancied her looks wearing her England kit with a pair of wellies.

We enjoyed a cooked breakfast on our return before I took Abbie, Adele and Louisa back to Middlesbrough. I picked Marie up before returning as she is staying with us for 2 nights. Typical Marie, she brought all the shopping with her to ensure we had good food stocks.

No sooner had we arrived back than we started a LONG gardening session. kp wanted all the back yard redoing so that it is all done before her next op (July 6th). It seemed Marie was here to earn the tea she had brought with her ! ;-)

Here are the girls hard at it…………….

Marie and kp hard at it.

Physically, kp did really well. But I fear a price to be paid tomorrow. Mentally, we hit a brick wall about half way through when she was trying to visualize how many pots we would need for each plant. She couldn’t get it all in her head. Marie and I gave her plenty of time, and in the end we found another way through the problem.

The weather was VERY hot today in the North East and all 3 of us were burnt by the sun. One of my jobs was to root out some old conifer from one of our existing pots. On unearthing them, I saw 2 little creatures running round the pot. I think they were baby moles or voles. kp was scared they were mice, but I don’t think they live underground. If someone can confirm, that would be great – they were absolutely gorgeous. There were more than 2 when we dug a little deeper. But we didn’t want to disturb them too much.

Is it a vole ?

We put the conifer back on top of them and I went to buy some more pots from the garden centre.

Here is the finished result…………

The end result

Fag break and then it was time to hit the front of the house and plant the remaining garden centre. The girls are doing the front as I write this. This blog is a real blessing at times. I would much rather be gardening in the front – NOT !

Here are the girls moments ago in the front.

Now the front

Day 413 – Monday 12th June 2006

As expected, kp suffered for her garden work yesterday. She was up a few times in the night to get some pain relief and getting out of the bed this morning involved quite a few shrieks of pain and a lot of slow manuevering.

kp was also feeling very sick this morning. We are not sure why, but to be safe she took an anti-sickness. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, and about an hour later, as I was readying the car for our trip to hydro, she felt that she was going to be sick. She hobbled at top pace to the nearest receptacle (the kitchen bin), but unfortunately was about 2 yards short when she erupted like Mount Vesuvius.

With all the wretching, she felt very weak, but thankfully Marie was on hand to help her back to the settee with a sick bowl at the ready.

We postponed Hydro, which would have been really beneficial today (with the hot water of the hydro pool) and phoned for a doctor’s appointment instead, not for the sickness as kp felt better after being sick, but rather on Ronnie’s blog advice about getting the pain in check. Thanks Ronnie !
At the doctor’s appointment, kp brought up about her pain relief not being enough. To cut a long story short. We are upping the frequency of the pain patches. Instead of 125ug Fentanyl every 3 days, she is going for the same amount but over 2.5 days. So, we’ll see how that goes.

We then went shopping for an oven as ours packed up for the second time yesterday. And that’s it. You can tell the pain is getting to kp. Her mood is low, but not too low at the moment. I’ll have to keep an eye on it.

Day 414 – Tuesday 13th June 2006

A better day today.

kp’s pain eased over night and this morning she felt a lot better, although not 100%. But, she did feel up to watering her plants, which she did whilst I cleaned the back yard out.

She went for a few snoozes during the day, but she is feeling quite positive generally.

Short blog, ‘cos nowt happened.

Day 415 – Wednesday 14th June 2006

A good day today.

kp is now able to tend to the back yard garden now she has redesigned it for this purpose and she thoroughly enjoyed watering and checking out her strawberries or should I say strawberry.


I went to my old workplace today, and it was lovely to see the ITPS crew. So many asked about Karen, it was really lovely. She was thrilled when I told her.

Pain-wise, kp is feeling good at the moment. And tomorrow the patches get changed first thing, so hopefully the Doctor’s new pain regime may sort her out. As always, fingers crossed.

Day 416 – Thursday 15th June 2006

Another storming day for kp, with pain well in check.

Her new pain patches went on today, and she was already feeling good when she woke up. We had a visit today from the PC who has been our contact for the case against the chap who caused the accident.

He came to take another statement from her to see how she is getting on, which will be used in court to try and persuade the judges not to lessen his sentence. Apparently, he either wants less community service or a lesser driving ban. This is heard in a Crown Court apparently, so kp and I intend to be there. kp was quizzing the PC about what would happen if she stood up and gave him “what for” in the courtroom. Apparently, that is not the wisest thing to do, as she would get told off by the judge or possibly held for “Contempt of Court”. I don’t think it deterred her too much though, so that should be a fun day.

We will be selling tickets for Karen’s performance in due course. What pisses us off is that he thinks he has been unfairly treat. We hope he goes to court and leaves with a longer sentence.

The PC was here a good couple of hours and we had a good chat with him about the accident and “justice”.

With that over, it was time for hydro. An extra long hydro today given her lack of pain. kp worked very hard and ended up needing a long weightless soak to finish off. Go Karen Go !

It’s great to see Karen so positive. Her mood is so linked to pain, we really NEED to keep on top of it.

With that over, it was time for the England match, which kp watched whilst phoning friends.

That’s our day.

From the 31st July, I am going back to work on a full-time basis. This should give kp time to have her week in hospital and more than 2 weeks bed rest with hubby pampering. From that point on, blog updates may be less frequent, but I do intend to keep it up at LEAST on a weekly basis. We are going to be putting in place a care package for Karen between now and then to ensure she has help for all the things she still can’t do (bra, socks, hairdrying, swimming costume (hydro), driving places, walking dogs etc etc…)

I start my new job next week on a part time basis, so the reduction in frequency of blogs may start from as early as next week, but I’ll do my damnedest to keep everyone upto date. I am not working the 3 weeks from July 6th when Karen is in hospital and the 2 weeks after.

I’ll finish with a photo of kp taken today. Who would have thought you could get a disabled poopa scoopa ?

kp poopa scooping

Day 417 – Friday 16th June 2006

Uneventful day today.

kp didn’t get up until about 2pm after not getting to bed until 3am ! She spent most of the afternoon dead-heading plants and watering. She’s leaving poopa-scooping until tomorrow.

Marie had suggested getting our table and chairs out and leaving them out in the new look back yard. I spent most of yesterday painting them up and kp reminded me to set them up – which I did today.

Here is kp posing at my request.

Table and Chairs

Day 418 – Saturday 17th June 2006

Lovely day today.

We both had a strange night’s sleep last night. kp didn’t get to bed until 3am. We talked for a bit when she came to bed and then I ended up getting up and walking the dogs at about 4am. She joined me for breakfast at 5am and then we both went back to bed ?! Very weird.

Today Michelle, Freddy, Adele and Abbie came up. Michelle had said they would be up around 12.30pm – we adjusted for “Michelle” time (2pm) and we weren’t far wrong. Adele came to clean the house and the rest for a barbecue. We felt sorry for Adele as it was quite a muggy day, not the kind of day you want to be slaving away inside.

Freddy did an excellent barbecue and we all had a lovely afternoon. Abbie earned 5 quid for catching a ball thrown from one end of the garden to the other. Michelle got lots of laughs for doing her Julie Andrew impressions and also for her gymnastics.

kp is in top form and we seemed to have the pain nicely under control. It was just starting to become an issue about 5pm, but then the new patches went on at 7pm. It should have been 9pm, but we were both knackered and went t bed early.


Day 419 – Sunday 18th June 2006

Uneventful day.

kp had another bad night. Didn’t get to sleep until 7am :-(

So wasn’t up before 2pm. No need to water plants today as the weather is sorting that.

It’s been a relaxing day though and we are watching “Memoirs of a Geisha” tonight.

Day 420 – Monday 19th June 2006

Another barmy night.I couldn’t sleep at 3am and kept checking to see if it was light enough to walk the dogs. It wasn’t far off. kp was the same.

We got up at 9am ish.

Hydro today, kp’s last :-( It went very well. Her next visit to the hydro physios is on “dry land” as they call it. A 40 minute session to see if she would benefit from more hydro.

Very uneventful day.

Day 421 – Tuesday 20th June 2006

My first day back at work today and kp’s first day on her own. We had discussed what she was going to do………

  • Empty dishwasher
  • Empty washing machine
  • Clean fridge out

Nothing too drastic…..and despite my early return home (2.30pm), she did really well. I helped her finish off the fridge and then it was time for her to hit the sack – she was knackered.

Well done love………

I will probably do a longer day tomorrow – may try a daring 10am to 4pm, see how she copes :-)

Day 421 – Tuesday 20th June 2006 – Addendum

Well, another first today.

kp had overdone it watering the garden and her neck and left arm were in pain because she had been trying to yank the hose out of the sprung-loaded hose retracting unit thingamy so I suggested a nice soak in the bath, with some radox that Adele had brought.

To add a twist to the normal bath procedure, where kp sits on these bathchair and it lowers her in, I suggested taking the chair out and I would lower her in, the idea being, without the chair, she would be able to get completely under the water.

She was a bit nervous about it, but wanted to give it a go. And it worked a treat. I had to stand in the bath with her and lower her down and then get out so she could lie out. She absolutely loved it. Previously, all her top bits were out of the water and I ended up pouring buckets of water over her every few minutes to keep her warm.

Well, I just thought I’d add this first. I better go and get kp out of the bath.

Day 422 – Wednesday 21st June 2006

First, apologies to Sue Brady. Sue came on Monday for tea, but I reported “Very uneventful day”. So sorry Sue. What’s weird is I did the blog moments after you left ?!?!?! And I still forgot about your visit ! Must have had my mind on the new job.

We had loads of good chats with Sue and it was good to hear all the University gossip (where kp used to work).

Back to today. kp had the worst night’s sleep ever last night. She was close to the point of tears she was so frustrated. She had even took a full sleeping tablet and still not sleep, well not until 7am anyway :-(

So, today, as I was at work, she slept and slept, not getting up until 2.40pm

I think today really WAS an uneventful day !

Day 423 – Thursday 22nd June 2006

Bad day for kp today.

Feeling very low. Not crying, but very low. She slept pretty much all day with only the odd hour here and there out of bed. I was worried she wouldn’t sleep, but she slept the whole night (pretty much).

We are going to see Tracey and family in Southampton tomorrow and then vdfromboro on Sunday and then we are on Centre Court (wheelchair section, front row !) on Monday to watch Federer and A.N.Other.

The weekend will definately cheer her up

Day 424 – Friday 23rd June 2006

kp was still feeling down this morning. There was nothing causing it today, normally it can be tracked back to something like pain. But as the day has progressed, she has got better, presumably as the day’s events kept her occupied.

Today, we flew to Southampton and spent the evening with Tracey, Mark, Megan and Marge. It was a lovely evening. We had Roast Beef. I am not allowed to report in the blog how “well” cooked the meat was, so I’ll say nowt. It was lovely though. It really was.

We had bought Megan a Snow White costume for her 4th birthday. Here she is …..

Megan named us as different dwarves, but couldn’t remember all 7. I think grandma got to be grumpy, daddy was doc, karen was happy, and I was sleepy. We couldn’t remember ther others, but I am sure mum would have got one as well.

So, a lovely night. We are going to Donkey World as I have been calling it tomorrow (Monkey World really, but it winds Megan up when I say Donkey World).

Should be another good day !

Day 425 – Saturday 25th June 2006

What a cracking day we had today.

It was a very late night at Tracey and Mark’s. About 1.30am when we headed back to the B+B. kp hadn’t slept all day !

We had planned to get up for breakfast at 9am, but kp couldn’t be persuaded so we left it until the last minute to get up to go straight to Monkey World. Karen and I used to watch “Monkey Business” on the tv which followed the lives of the monkeys at Monkey World and had always wanted to go, so with Tracey and Mark living only an hour away, we made a point of making the trip

It totally lived upto our expectations and with the glorious weather and great friends to share it with, it surpassed them. Here is our day in photos…..

Mark, Megan and Tracy enjoying the picnic !

Karen unintentionally showing her mouthful of food…..with Marge and a turkey looking on !

Karen spent a good 10 minutes simply watching the baby monkeys…..

We weren’t allowed to take the monkey home. I asked if Karen could stay and she couldn’t

Marge offered to help kp down the hill…..but needed kp’s wheelchair shortly after !


kp and Marge didn’t want to go on the climbing frames and took it easy on the picnic chairs !

Brill day, finished off with a chinese, or was it fish and chips or was it chinese ?! Tracey lost us with the organisation of dinner. She had 3 options for me……….

Tracey :- So, David, you are having Doner Meat and Chips, but if the Fish and Chip shop don’t have it, you are having Sweet and Sour Chicken (Cantonese Style) with Fried Rice (from the chinese), but if they don’t have that, you want fish and chips.

dp:- Errrrrrr, Yes. I think so !


Day 426/7/8 – Sunday/Monday/Tuesday 25/6/7th June 2006


We had “full english” in the B+B and very nice it was too, before going to Tracey + Mark’s for a brew. It was Megan’s 4th Birthday party and we helped erect a gazebo, blow up balloons, stuff a pinata and blow up more balloons.
Oh, and we did party bags for the kids too.

Unfortunately, as the guests started to arrive, we had to make our departure to catch our train to Surbiton. Thanks Tracey and Mark for having us – it was a great weekend.

We had a bit of a kerfuffle getting onto the train as the last 6 carriages of the train had doors that didn’t open. So we ended up entering through 1st class and then the train started to move, so we just sat in 1st class. The guard took pity on us and let us off the surcharge.

kp on train

Time was tight this afternoon and we had to be at Ronnie’s sisters (Karen) for 2pm for a barbecue. We made it in perfect time and had the best EVER barbecue. The meat was cooked to perfection (a whole leg of lamb done completely on the barbecue and perfectly pink). Marinated for a day in some concoction, it was the dog’s b+ll+cks.
I think we all had seconds ! Karen was head of the table and the rest are Ronnie’s family. (Roy and Karen, Alan and Sue, Jack and Laura, Ronnie, me, kp and not forgetting Irene and Keith (Ronnie’s mam and dad). We got such a warm welcome, it was lovely. kp and I got VIP treatment :-) And the biggest of hugs off Irene !
Barby at Roy's

No sooner was the barbecue over than it was time for the England v Ecuador Match.

Half-time brought some lovely desserts. About an hour after the match, we returned to Ronnie’s. Ronnie was kindly sleeping on the sofa to allow kp and I to use her bed. Here is kp on the sofa. God only knows what face she was pulling when I snapped this.

God only knows

We were stuffed after the barbecue and watched Big Brother before bed.


Up early (10am) for Wimbledon. Ronnie sorted breakfast for us and took us to Wimbledon. We knew the forecast was bad. “Heavy Rain” was forecast for all day, but wimbledon kicked off on time. Our seats were the best you could have. Here is a shot (taken during the rain), highlighting kp’s wheelchair spot and the seat to the right where I was sitting.

Our Spot In Rain

Here is kp in her spot…..with the covers over.

kp in rain

We spent most of the afternoon just inside the door (outside the groundsmen’s rest area). Here is kp looking snug as a bug in a rug…………

Outside Groundsmen's Room

It was a cracking position to have as we could hear all the gossip about when they were going to cover up and uncover up. We could also see a computer screen with a weather radar display showing the rain.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom. Wimbledon got off to a good start and we saw Federer and Gasquet play their first set, before the rain set in.


Here is how close kp was……….

kp at Wimbledon

I wanted to achieve certain things out of the day and they included…..

  1. Seeing some play
  2. Seeing them put the covers on
  3. Seeing them take the covers off
  4. Sitting in the rain under a brolly

And I got all 4, so I was happy, although we did spend a lot of time (6 hours) waiting around. We had a few marital tiffs whilst we were waiting around. kp wanted a cup of tea and something to eat. I was annoyed at this, as I had gone out especially (to Sainsburys in Surbiton) to get food and refreshments and we had everything we needed to eat and more. So to have to queue for tea etc wasn’t well received. We finally got to the front of the queue………

kp:- ask them if the sausage rolls are hot !
dp:- Are the sausage rolls hot ?
Woman:- Yes

I purchased her cup of tea and her sausage roll and we left to find somewhere to eat.

kp:- The sausage roll is cold. Go back and tell her.


So, we went to find a spot so kp could eat her cold sausage roll and her cup of tea. We found some stairs which I could sit on and kp and I were at the same height. I put the cup of tea down, moved something and the tea fell over, wetting my trousers. kp wasn’t best pleased. She knew not even to ask to go and get another one.

We got over this and were laughing at it and eventually I got her a cup of tea (about 3 hours later, when the queues had died down), and it was do disgusting she didn’t drink it. The coffee was lovely though ;-)

One of the difficulties pushing someone round in a wheelchair is that they can’t hear you and you can’t hear them, so apparently, kp had asked loads of times to go in certain directions and was getting very frustrated that I wasn’t doing what she was asking.

This all came to a head when we were leaving Wimbledon and she was telling me where to get Ronnie to pick us up. kp had one idea and I had another. I knew mine was right. kp wanted to be picked up on a busy road where Ronnie couldn’t have stopped (because of the police moving traffic on) etc and I knew a road which was quiet.

kp was giving me her full…..

kp:- You don’t listen to me. You’re always right. We should have got picked up here….

routine, and I was explaining that it is quieter round the corner etc….Anyway, we went round the corner where it was dead and Ronnie was parked up and I could hear kp bite her tongue, knowing she was wrong.

Within minutes, we were in stitches about it.

So…….a really cracking day, despite the lack of play. I have perhaps overegged the marital tiffs, but they made us laugh, so they are included.

The best bit of all is we get a full ticket refund from Wimbledon because there was only 30 minutes play. That always make a Pollard smile.

Once home, Ronnie had made us a LOVELY Lasagne. We had that, watching Big Bro and retired.


Going Home day today. Ronnie took us to the airport where we met up with Tracey, Marge and Megan (who was off nursery with a cold). It was lovely to see them again.

I spent most of my time walking round and round the airport with megan following me on her scooter. It was great. I love Megan to bits, and I love the fact she loves me back :-)

Here are the crew (minus Tracey who took the picture), before we boarded the aircraft home.

The crew at Soton Airport

kp and I stayed awake for the takeoff and then the next thing we remember is the captain saying……………

Captain :- Cabin Crew, 10 minutes to landing

It’s the only way to go to Southampton and back. Over in no time !

Great to be back home, but a fantastic few days !

Day 429 – Wednesday 28th June 2006

Uneventful Day

I was working from home, so kp got herself up and about, at a reasonable hour as well (10.30am). She skipped bra today, I did the socks.

Breakfast together and then she cracked on with watering plants and other things she enjoys doing. She gets frustrated at not being able to weed, but it’ll come !

She also did the Tesco shop, and whilst she was doing it, she jammed her left hand underneath the table with the chair. What was weird was her puzzlement at where the pain was coming from. She couldn’t work it out and was looking all around the room, whilst shouting (in pain), to work out where the pain was coming from and then she couldn’t work out how to unjam it. It only lasted about 2 seconds but it was a bit weird.
Uneventful day overall.


Unfortunately, Karen’s blog is starting to get lots of fake comments pointing to websites selling viagara and the like. To stop this happening, all comments that are posted now go into a queue and do not display automatically.

So, please don’t hesitate to leave a blog comment, but don’t worry that it doesn’t appear straight away.

Day 430 – Thursday 29th June 2006

kp remains on top form at the moment – her pain is well in check and her walking is as good as it has ever been (since the accident).

I have been working from home today, so kp has been getting on with her own company today, needing me only for socks duty.

She is trying to get up no later than 10.30am each day, so her sleeping patterns are normal. No snoozes either !

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