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Day 431 – Friday 30th June 2006

Very good day today.

kp had to be up early to be at physio for 8.30am. Today, she had a session on “dry land” and the physio was able to get Karen kneeling on the floor and then sitting on the floor. Apparently, it was agony the first time and it progressively got better as her knees relearned how to flex that far.

kp had long been wanting to get on the floor, so she can give the dogs a love, weed etc etc….At the moment, she can only get on the floor with an object (like a sofa) next to her, as she uses this to prop herself up, but hopefully weeding will eventually be a possibility without me having to lug the sofa outside.

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Day 432/3 – Saturday 1st/2nd July 2006


A “mixed bag of emotions” day today.

We were due to go to mum and dad’s (Lancashire) for a BBQ today. kp has been VERY apprehensive all week about her op, and it keeps coming to the front of her thoughts over and over again, despite her best efforts to think of other things.

Today, I was a pratt and said the wrong thing at the wrong time, really sending kp on a downer. I had walked the dogs and was getting kp up and ready.

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Day 434 – Monday 3rd July 2006

Lovely day today.

I had to go into work for a few hours today, so got kp up and ready for her hospital pre-op assessment before I left. Whilst I was away, she watered plants and put washing on the line. It was too hot to do much else, so she watched the tennis at the hottest time of the day.

At the hospital, they assessed kp’s blood, her wounds where mrsa grew before, urine, blood pressure, weight, height, medication etc etc….They also did an ECG…………

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Day 435 – Tuesday 4th July 2006

kp had to be up early again today as I was at work most of the day and had to get her ready for her visitors.

Adele had stayed over to do the cleaning, and Debs and Lydia arrived at about 10am ish bringing a Buffet with them. Adele took a photo with Karen’s phone……….. Read the rest of this entry »

Day 436 – Wednesday 5th July 2006

The day before the operation !

kp was very anxious today and we could all tell. Bordering on silent for a lot of the day. Read the rest of this entry »

Day 436 – Wednesday 5th July 2006 – Addendum

Apologies for the video link (it now works).

Not the best of ends to today. kp had been holding the tears in all day. As we retired for the evening, she started crying. She is so anxious about the operation. She was distressed for about 30 minutes, and gradually (with me holding her in bed, stroking her good side) it faded until she was asleep.

It’s 9am now and she is still asleep. I am not going to wake her until I have to. The less time she is conscious before the op, the better.

Day 437 – Thursday 6th July 2006 – Last Op !

A very anxious kp today. She probably only said “Good Morning” and “Yes” and “No” to a few of my questions and that is all she said until she got to the hospital.

VERY subdued. Very anxious.

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Day 438 – Friday 7th July 2006 – Part One

Well, to my surprise, kp had a good night.

She is still on the morphine drip, and therefore still very tired all the time. She can manage the odd conversation,  but more often than not, she falls asleep mid-sentence, which is quite funny. It happened with the staff today.

Waitress :- Do you feel up to any breakfast ?

kp :- No, thanks

Waitress :- How about a cup of tea ?

Silence !

The lady looked at me as if to say “that’s a no then”

The physio came round and gave kp some tips as to how to do deep breaths (a problem at the moment). And another way of coughing which doesn’t involve “coughing”, but “huffing”.

I gave kp a bedbath this morning, put her ted socks on yesterday, and did a semi-turn this morning. All the old skills are coming back ;-) This morning, I spent an hour or so asleep by the side of kp’s bed, and did my old “scare the shit out of a nurse” trick on a number of occasions, when they saw a pair of feet sticking out past the bottom of the bed.

So, kp generally ok today. They are planning to decrease the morphine later and are talking about getting her out of bed tomorrow, but kp is scared sh+tless about that. The slightest movement hurts like hell :-(

I ordered her tea for tonight, because she couldn’t even face the thought of food. This is one area the hospital is better than NHS. They give you a menu of about 5 starters, mains and desserts.
I chose Galia Melon strips with forest berries for starter, Sirloin Steak, Mushrooms, Onions, Tomatoes and Chips for main course and there was about 5 lush desserts to choose from. They even allow you to choose how you want steak cooked. I ticked “rare”, because I don’t think kp will be up to dinner ;-)

Day 438 – Friday 7th July 2006 – Part Two

I was at the hospital 8.30am until 1pm and 5.45pm until 7.45pm. I blogged after the first visit. Here is the update for the 2nd visit.
kp no longer has the morphine drip on and is a bit more with it, although you can tell it’s still not quite out of her system. When I arrived, she had had her starter, which meant it was perfect timing for me to eat her main course. I knew she wouldn’t want it, which she didn’t.

Unfortunately, the nurses had felt that a steak would be too much for Karen and had cancelled that part of the order. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

After Karen’s melon (starter) and fruit salad (dessert), she wanted her cup of tea sitting up. With the nurses in the room, we got kp sitting upright on the side of the bed (it’s tricky to go to a chair with the stomach drain and the catheter bag). She was scared of the pain that may come about, but the nurses were loaded with good tips. Basically, kp had to consciously relax her stomach muscles as when they tense up is when it is painful.

So, as we (3 of us) got her sitting upright, all you could hear was kp saying (outloud) “Relax”, “Relax”, “Relax”, “Relax”, “Relax”. Quite funny.

We got her sitting. The nurses left the room and then she wanted to try a stand. She managed a bent stand for about a second. We were well chuffed.

Getting back down was not so easy or pain-free :-( With the nurses back in the room, we got her tilted back, but she must have tensed her stomach muscles and WE KNEW ABOUT IT !!!

I tried to take a photo of her sitting up, but it was forbidden under Karen’s Law. I had to settle for a picture of her lying on her side. Even then, as soon as she heard the click of the camera, she woke up and gave me WHAT FOR. I know what it must be like to be a cameraman in Iraq, or Afghanistan. Always teetering on the edge of death etc….

I didn’t dare take a photo of her a second later when looks would have killed.

No Morphine Here !

I forgot to also mention that today, she wanted to have a look at her new look flat stomach. It was my first proper peek, so we lifter her nighty and it looks awesome. kp wasn’t that impressed. I don’t think she had the angle I did. It is hugely improved. There’s a cat in hell’s chance that I’ll get a photo of that for the blog, but suffice to say, it is vastly improved !!

Day 439 – Saturday 8th July 2006 – Part One

kp in top form this morning.

She had woken up a few times during the night, but I was so pleased to hear she hadn’t been in any major pain since the morphine drip had been removed. She is back on the Fentanyl Patches (as of last night).Today, she had a real live shower. It was a bit awkward as she had her catheter bag trapsing round with her, plus a container with loads of blood and fat in it, so “faff” doesn’t begin to describe it – she got out of bed and back in without any major pain and really enjoyed her shower. It took it out of her however as she couldn’t be arsed with me doing her hair.

Later in the morning, the consultant came round and told her how pleased he was with her progress. She should be home on Tuesday, or maybe even Monday, if all goes to plan.

After his visit, the catheter was removed, as was the drain tube into her stomach PLUS the ven-flon in her right hand. So, she has nothing trapsing round with her now.

She has to get up for all meal times and for the loo, so it will do her the power of good.

Here is a picture of kp, taken having her morning tea………..

Tea for One

Thanks for the flowers mum and dad by the way !!

A few people have asked for the address, so to save my texting hand, here it is….

BUPA Hospital

Picktree Lane
Tyne and Wear
NE38 9JZ

If you want to ring Karen, it’s 0191-415-1272 (Room 3).

I think she is getting a bit sick of me as a visitor. We seem to have nothing to say, and I seem to be snoozing at every possible opportunity. I think it is because I haven’t had a fag for a few days, and have also been off the caffeine as well. Well, that’s what I have put it down to.

Back tonight. She’ll probably be watching the women’s final today.

Day 439 – Saturday 8th July 2006 – Part Two

Well, she did watch the women’s final apparently, with the odd snooze here and there.

On my return, she was up and about, having just cleaned her teeth. She’s looking marvellous. She wanted to talk about the future, so we did and it cheered her up. I think she is starting to see the future in a positive light. For the FIRST time today, she said :-

kp:- I hope I get some GOOD compensation for everything I have been through

She has never really bothered about it until now. I think, well I know, she is sick of being in hospitals – I am as well, so I can only imagine how sick she must be.

The consultant hinted at the fact she may be coming out on Monday with a following wind. But, Karen is going all guns blaring for TOMORROW !! (Sunday). To be fair, she doesn’t need to be in hospital any more. I am at home and can provide all the care the nurses can, so I hope it won’t be a problem.

Talking of following winds – I just remembered something from this morning, which was funny at the time. Two nurses came in to get kp up and change her sheets. Whilst kp was in the bathroom, she started pumping like a good ‘un. One after the other, the nurses pretended to not hear it and carried on working. I was hoping they didn’t think it was me. Anyway after the 3rd or 4th pump, she apologised. They weren’t bothered at all.

She had some Minted Leg of Lamb for tea, but she wasn’t feeling very hungry – her appetite isn’t back yet.

We had a cup of tea together at 7.15pm whilst posing for the camera. This first photo was taken on a timer, but because the camera was in silent mode, we couldn’t hear if it was taking it or not, hence kp not smiling….

kp not smiling with tea

This one, we heard the timer, and we both look gorgeous ;-)

kp smiling with tea

That’s it for the day – I do hope she comes home tomorrow, or she’ll be a bit peed off. Love you kp

Day 440 – Sunday 9th July 2006

She’s home !

Her pain is so “in check” at the moment. I thought (as did Karen) she would be in agony, but she only really feels the pain when she is doing a movement, like getting up, getting down etc…

We had decided to try and get her home yesterday. Everything she was doing yesterday we could do from home, so it seemed pointless her being in hospital.

When I arrived (at 8am), she was eating her breakfast sat on the side of the bed. I showered and dried her hair and we decided she should wear “going home” clothes to sell the “going home” concept to the consultant. She looked great.

We remembered him saying he would be in at 11am, so kp sat in the armchair, hoping to last out until 11am, but about 10am, she just wanted to sleep.

At 11am, we started the long wait for the consultant. kp got so frantic at the wait, we decided to go for a walk around the corridors. Here is kp on our walkabout…………


By the way, the surgeon took 2kg off kp’s body weight. :-)

After more frantic waiting, the surgeon eventually came about 12.30pm. He examined her and then said……..

Surgeon :- Yes, everything is looking great. You can go home tomorrow.

kp :- TOMORROW !

Surgeon :- Why, did you want to go home today ?

kp:- Well, that would be nice !

I don’t think he would have got out of the room if he hadn’t agreed to it, anyway, we’d packed and everything ;-)

Once home, kp and I watched the men’s final – went for a kip, and came back to watch the final set. kp’s thermostat is not working at the moment – she is hot one minute and freezing the next. At the hospital, I must have opened and closed the window a 100 times.

At home, I had to put the fire on, put kp’s “hot socks on” and even then she wanted my jumper round her shoulders !


Anyway, she’s glad to be home.

Day 441 – Monday 10th July 2006

It’s unbelievable how well kp is doing, it really is.

Although today hasn’t been action-packed, considering we were expecting kp to be in bed for a week, she is doing remarkably well. She had a great night’s sleep, a big concern for her after the previous night’s awful sleep in the hospital.

She got up at a reasonable time (9.30am). A garden inspection followed breakfast…………

kp inspecting the garden

I think she was secretly checking I’d watered everything ok.

She checked all her emails and then went for a 2 hour snooze while I did some more work on the blog book. Her appetite isn’t all that ! She only had a small portion of Madge’s Shepherd’s Pie, but she enjoyed what she had.

Uneventful day really, but her pain is well under control and she is enjoying being home.

Day 442 – Tuesday 11th July 2006

Karen had a really bad night’s sleep last night, I think she had too much sleep during the day, and even taking a full tamazepam didn’t help :-(

Marie came over today. As usual, she jobbed on the whole time she was here. Karen wanted some help weeding, so Marie got the hoe and did the hard work, whilst kp did her bit by spraying weedkiller.

Marie and kp gardening

My best mate Nigel came over for tea and a natter. Roast Chicken with all the trimmings was enough to tempt him off his Atkins Diet.
Oh, forgot to mention, kp and I went to the Doctor’s today. She saw the nurse first to get kp’s dressing changed and then she saw a Spanish doctor (whose english wasn’t great) for about 4 other things. We ended up leaving the surgery with 2 things and a hope and a prayer that she might remember the other things.

Day 443 – Wednesday 12th July 2006

A better night’s sleep for Karen. Marie was up ironing at 9am – thanks Marie. She also did loads of other jobs for which we are very grateful. I must never let on that I can actually use an iron, mind you, it would take me hours to get ironed what she can get through in 30 minutes.

Karen spent quite a bit of time with Marie whilst Maried weed (or should that be weeded).

Generally uneventful day. Finished off with some shopping at the Arnison Centre for Louisa’s birthday present.

I’ve been messing on with the blog book and aim to have it done by next weekend (or early that following week). I definately want it finished before I start work on the 31st July as time will be very sparse after that.
I’ll just share a little gripe with blog land. We had an extra bin delivered today (“Twin Bins”). One is meant for rubbish and the other for recyclable things. I am not particurly keen on recycling, but heh, an extra bin always comes in handy. BUT………..when you read the leaflet, you need a degree to understand what goes in what bin and you are NOT ALLOWED to put normal rubbish in the extra bin !!! So, I think, fair enough, I’ll just carry on as per usual, putting everything in our main bin. BUT NOW………… only gets emptied once every 2 weeks. The other week, they empty the recycle bin and apparently you can be fined for putting the wrong stuff in the wrong bin.

Do we get a reduced Council Bill for this ? Do we hell !!!!! So, all of a suddent the whole of the village has become mini-recyclers without being asked if we want to do it. It really has got my dander up. What made me really laugh is they want us to RINSE out tins and glass jars before putting them in the recycle bin.

They HAVE to be joking. The only good thing I felt we got for the council tax bill was the bin service and NOW I am doing the bloody work for myself.  Actually, I don’t mind paying for the police & the fire brigade to be fair, but grrrrrrrrrrrr

Day 444 – Thursday 13th July 2006

We were both really tired last night and couldn’t wait up for Big Brother (10pm), so we went to bed at 7.30pm.

I was walking at the dogs at 4.45am having had my sleep, and then cracked on with some work. Karen didn’t get up until ……………………………….11.15am !!!! That’s over 15 hours sleep.

She is going to try and reduce the tamazepam again as she has gone back up to 1 full tablet every night since the op.

We had a visit from the Social Worker at 1pm, checking kp is ok and whether she was getting enough support or not, which was nice. As I am going back to work, I have to contribute some money towards the care now, which I suppose is fair.

At about 3pm, a work colleague came to do some work with me at home. She left by 5pm and then kp and I sat outside for a while – gorgeous weather today.

kp knows I am still aggravated by the twin bins and the fact you need a degree to understand what goes in what bin, and she took great delight in rubbing it in when she came out for a sitdown with me outside. Brandishing 4 tatty cushions that we really should throw away, she remarked …………

Which bins ?

kp:- So which bin do these cushions go in ?

dp:- Very funny love !!! You should do stand up !

Day 445 – Friday 14th July 2006

Awful night for Karen last night. I had a great sleep, but felt her get in and out of bed several times. She was very unsettled and as she put it in the morning…..

kp:- I had a really lonely night last night.

Anyway, I got her up about 12.15pm. This afternoon, we went to Adele’s as it was Louisa’s 3rd birthday party.

kp was flagging even before we left, but she managed to have a good time.

Here is kp and Louisa………….

kp and Louisa

Here is Louisa blowing out her candles…………

Louisa blowing candles out

We took Marie back to her house on the way home. Middlesbrough has more bloody speed bumps per mile than any other city I know. It has ALWAYS driven me crazy. I personally think we should all drive over the blasted things at 30mph and send the bl++dy council the bill for the damage caused. Blimey, I am not half irritable coming off these fags !!

Anyway, Karen doesn’t like any bumps in the car anyway since her accident, but at the moment, being so soon after the op, she hates them as each one causes her pain and I WASN’T even going 30mph. I was really slowing down ! One is a joke, but we must have done TWENTY on the 2 mile trip to Marie’s. Bloody pathetic.
Poor kp.

Within 5 minutes of dropping Marie off, kp was snoring in the car and slept the whole way home !!

Day 446 – Saturday 15th July 2006

Gorgeous weather today.

kp was in a bit more pain today from the op. Her stomach was very tender. Coincidentally it is the day the patches are changed, so maybe it is wearing off a little.

I needed a snooze late morning as I had been up since about 5am.
At lunchtime, Adele and Abbie arrived. Adele came to clean our house. while Abbie came to wake me up in style by jumping up and down on me in bed.

Abbie spent most of the afternoon helping Karen tend to the garden…..


I left at 2.30pm to attend Newcastle United Football Club (NUFC). The company I work for has a cracking box there and we were treat to a 3-course meal before the 5pm kickoff against Lillestrum. The experience was amazing, NUFC’s football skills were atrocious in the first half, but they managed to equalize in the second half. But, it didn’t deter from a fabulous experience. Big thanks to Julie (work colleague) for taxiing me there and back. It allowed me to maximise the use of the free bar :-)

The box is dead centre of the pitch and directly above Sir John Hall’s box. He was within spitting distance of my seat, but I didn’t as it would have put his cigar out.


On my return home, we watched Poker Face and Big Brother. Marge had arrived for a few days stay and that’s it for the day.

Day 447 – Sunday 16th July 2006

Good Nights’ sleep all round last night.

kp got up at 11am. Another scorcher of a day, so we breakfasted outside and then I got kp ready. She had got badly sunburnt yesterday. Strangely, her left side (stroke side) always gets more sunburnt than her right ?!


It hurt her a little when she was in the shower with the hot water touching it, but not as much it would a stroke-free person.

Afterwards, she wanted me to put some sun lotion on so she didn’t get more burnt today. I applied it, and said……….

dp:- “Does that not hurt ?”

kp:- “No, can’t feel a thing”

dp:- “Eeeee, you’re lucky you have a stroke otherwise this would really hurt”
DOH !!!! I didn’t mean to say that !! But kp was ok with it !

Marge has been kindly jobbing on, doing washing and hanging it up……


kp watered her plants. She shouldn’t really be exerting herself this much, especially stretching like this, but she is feeling remarkably well and wanted to. She did feel like she had overdone it after !


Time for a rest after that. Her head was too hot, so Marge got her a tea-towel…..


Day 447 – Sunday 16th July 2006 – Addendum

Marge, Marge, Marge…..what are we going to do with you ?!

Regular blog readers may be familiar with Marge and her malapropisms. We had more today…………

My dad has very kindly offered to buy kp a new wardrobe of clothes to fit the new-look kp. kp was telling dad this. It went something like this………..

kp:- David’s dad has said he is going to buy me a new wardrobe.

Marge :- Oh, that’s nice.


Marge :- Why do you need a new wardrobe ? Where would you put it ?

kp (laughing) :- He meant a new set of clothes, a wardrobe of clothes.

Marge :- Oh, that’s nice

And it continued……

Marge :- you should go to to MataLAND

She meant Matalan

Good Old Marge !

Day 448 – Monday 17th July 2006

Scorcher today. Too hot really ! Bring back the rain and the cold !!

Generally uneventful day. kp watered her plants. Marge has been jobbing on BIG TIME. The rest of the time was spent out in the garden.

Here are kp and Marge on the phone to Marie…………


Day 449 – Tuesday 18th July 2006

Bad Night for kp.

kp:- I didn’t sleep a wink.

dp:- But you were snoring at 7am when I got up, love.

kp:- Well, I didn’t have a good night’s sleep.

To be fair, she didn’t, I awoke a few times in the night and she wasn’t there. I thought maybe she had another fella, but I couldn’t be arsed investigating any further than that.

Today, Marge has been jobbing on continously. I can’t even recall what she has done, but pretty much every room has been tampered with in some way. Thanks Marge !! You’re a star. Amazing what OAP’s can do !

Tonight, we went back to the Washington BUPA hospital to get kp’s staples out. The surgeon was “very pleased” with how quickly kp was back on her feet and he was VERY proud of his work and the left-over incision. It is very good even from a layman’s point of view.

I managed to get kp “sign off” to post a picture of kp with the staples in.

kp with staples

With all the staples out, we went to Sainsbury’s shopping and then retired early.

Some other good news. I have finally finished the blog “book style” version. I will be releasing it over the weekend. Karen is really looking forward to reading it. A lot of hard work has gone into it. For those interested, it contains…..

  1. A prologue explaining where kp and I were in our lives pre-accident
  2. Details of the accident itself, including witness statements from police and others, including photos
  3. An immediate aftermath report, detailing what people at the scene of the accident did to help kp and the other victims.
  4. The first 3 weeks of the blog have been substantially changed or added to in order to paint a much fuller picture for Karen

It was quite upsetting for me to do but I know kp will be interested to fill in these missing weeks.

Day 450 – Wednesday 19th July 2006

Another scorcher and quite a busy day today.

We had a visit today from Karen’s occupational health person. Not a very productive meeting and the poor lady had come all the way from Larnock in Scotland. She basically just asked how Karen was and if they could do anything to help her. Nice lady though.

The day before yesterday, I dug a big hole and cemented in a new sign post for our house to replace the rotting wood one we have at present. With the cement all set, I hung the sign today. Here is kp admiring my (and Tommy’s) handiwork.


At 1pm, a work colleague of mine came round and we spent the afternoon working from home. Marie arrived and along with kp spent most of the afternoon outside in the heat. Marie had done her usual “I have bought a bargain” routine. The bargains were in the form of sun hats. Guess the price…………….


1 quid each !!

We had Sirloin Steak, Mushrooms, Onions and Chips outside. It was the best part of the day.

I did more work on the blog today. Most of the pictures have been resized so they fit more neatly in the blog. Michelle was having problems seeing some photos so I expect others were too. The photos appear smaller, but if you want the full-size, you should be able to click on the foto.

The blog book is now complete. It can be accessed by clicking on “Book Version” in the top right hand corner. Over the next day or so, I will be expanding the chapter list so you can navigate straight to key parts of kp’s recovery.

Day 451 – Thursday 20th July 2006

Weather still hot, but note quite as nice today. Cloudy, but muggy.

Marie was up until 4am reading the Blog Book, so didn’t get up until later than usual. kp wasn’t up until 12.45pm. I was at a meeting from 11am until 2pm and came back to find that Karen was cooking tea (with Marie’s assistance). Lamb Shank.

I could do with a nice Lamb Shank ;-)

After it was all prepared, Marie and Karen took the dogs for a walk……


Apparently, on the walk, Marie and Karen went to say hello to 2 horses. All fine until they walked away from the horses and the horses decided to follow kp and Marie. Marie freaked. kp was as cool as a cucumber trying to calm Marie. The horse nudged Karen (ever so gently). kp told Marie who nearly burst into tears.

Now that would have been a good photo for the blog

Day 452 – Friday 21st July 2006

Tears today !

To set the scene, last night, Karen and I started reading the blog book version from the start. I had asked her not to read it on herself as I wanted to share the experience with her. We read the prologue, the accident and the accident aftermath sections and then retired for the night.

But……..Karen couldn’t sleep, so she decided to read some more of the blog book.

This morning, Karen got up for her shower, was very quiet, hardly saying a word and I listened out for the usual bang of the shower door and went into the bathroom. The bang of the shower door is my cue for drying duties. I started drying her and then out of the blue…………..

kp:- Did you tell the hospital not to resuscitate me ?
dp:- Have you been reading the blog ?

kp:- Yes.

I got upset (to tears) and told her that this was the very reason she shouldn’t be reading it on her own, because I wanted to be there to explain things to her. Karen started getting more upset than me about the “DNR” (Do not resuscitate) discussion. I went on to explain that I HADN’T told the hospital not to resuscitate her, but that as a family we had discussed it and organ donation because things were THAT bad.

Karen then got upset over the fact she had been reading the blog on her own when I had specifically asked her not to.

This is the ONE thing that I DIDN’T want her to read on her own. There are other things that will need explanation, but this is the one I was dreading. :-(

Anyway we got past this. Although it has knocked her for 6, and I know she is still thinking about it and will be for a few days, but I am sure we’ll get past it.

Today, we went to the RVI Hospital at Newcastle, to get Karen’s eyes sorted. They really get her down at times. She has little useable sight in her right eye, really only seeing light and dark, and psychologically, she needed this sorting.

So, after seeing a nurse who checked kp’s blood sugar levels and eyesight. we saw Miss Dayan at the RVI ( a lovely lady eye surgeon ).

She tried to get Karen to explain what the problem was. Karen explained the problem as what she sees is jumbled up. This was too vague for Miss Dayan, so she expertly narrowed down what kp meant by this to……..When Karen looks at something, quite a large section to the right is missing.

When her right eye is covered up, the sight is much improved. The solution…………

Cover up the right eye. The long term solution is for Karen to wear a special contact lens that has a big black area in the centre, which looks very natural, but blocks all vision from the right eye. But, before they go there, she has to check that this will actually help. Cue the glasses………………

Karen needs to wear either of 2 pairs of glasses to find out which is better for her…………….

One is a frosted right lens……………


The other completely blocks the right eye and right eye peripheral vision………………..

notapatchon you.jpg

Understandably, kp doesn’t feel very attractive in them, but they are only temporary to find a more permanent solution.


Day 452 – Saturday 22nd July 2006

Uneventful day.

I bought a new computer for Karen today and so have been configuring that.

She has been feeling a bit stiff today. We think it is because her 100ug Fentanyl Patch has dried up with all the recent hot weather and had peeled off yesterday, leaving her in a bit of pain today.

New patch is on tonight so hopefully tomorrow, she will be ok.

Day 453 – Sunday 23rd July 2006

Mixed bag of a day today.

Despite the pain patch, kp wasn’t feeling 100% right today physically.

kp:- I feel like my body isn’t working too well today.

dp:- Whaddya mean love ?

kp:- It feels slow and hard to do anything

I am hoping it is down to the dried up pain patch from yesterday and the new patch hasn’t properly kicked in yet.

As well as physically not being 100%, I think I saw the starts of a downer as well :-( Whenever her body lets her down, this tends to happen. But I kicked into action and kept her entertained. I am a bit concerned what will happen next week when I return to work.

Time will tell.

Today, kp and I read through the first 3 weeks of the blog. It was such a lovely day, we did it outside.


Click on the photo to enlarge it

A few tearful moments along the way, specifically when I was explaining the time Karen really wanted to come home with me on a night time. This is when she couldn’t get out of bed and was on IV drugs etc in the Intensive Care ward.

Heartbreaking. But we also had lots of laughs as well. It was great to see the pleasure on Karen’s face when we read the bits about her first waking up and some of the things she said to the nurses.

So, as I say, a mixed bag….

Day 454 – Monday 17th July 2006

Better day.

kp seems to have got a bit more fluid in her movement. But her current patch is drying up now, so perhaps tomorrow she will be stiff again – we will see.

kp had an awful night’s sleep and didn’t really get to sleep until 6am :-( Consequently, she didn’t get up until 2.30pm. But, she was up in time for Ronnie’s arrival up from the Big Smoke.

Here are Karen and Ronnie sunning it……


Click on Photo to Enlarge

Me and Ronnie (wearing kp’s sunhat)…..


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And here’s a curious photo of Bonnie crossing her legs in the most strange fashion…..


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Day 455 – Tuesday 25th July 2006

Karen and Ronnie stayed up late enjoying each other’s company.

Karen had a great sleep until about 5.30am when a strange thing occurred. I was dreaming a very vivid dream. I piloting a light aircraft trying to land it at Blackpool airport, but the weather had got really bad and the winds were howling. I tried to turn more into the wind to line up with the runway and was managing just fine, when an AA man (or an RAC man) who was on the ground pulled me back in another direction with ropes that were already attached to my plane. At this, I gave this man the biggest of kicks to stop him disrupting my landing, BUT, the kick happened in real life as well and I gave kp the biggest of kicks.

kp:- DAVID !

dp:- What?

kp:- You’ve just kicked me really hard

dp:- Sorry love, I was dreaming !

I sleep on Karen’s left side so had kicked her stroke side, which doesn’t have as much sensation. Had she been kicked on the other side (at that force) and if she had been awake herself, I feel sure she would have retalliated if not physically, with a more tyrannical bit of verbal abuse.

I was lucky to get off with a few words and her falling back to sleep.

Uneventful day apart from that – went to the Doctors to get kp’s prescription back to what it should be – after it was previously cocked up. It wasn’t the Spanish doctor’s fault that we saw the other week – they had migrated IT systems apparently and it had been changed in the migration.

Lots of sun lounging for the ladies as I worked from home.

Steak, Onions, mushroom and Chips tonight :-)

Apologies to Bloggers

Thanks to Tracy for letting us know that the blog wasn’t accepting comments. This has now been fixed.

Any comments will (as always) be read out to Karen – Thanks Tracy !

Day 456 – Wednesday 26th July 2006

Working from home again for me.

Karen couldn’t sleep again despite a full sleeping tablet.

I got her up at 10.30am as she and Ronnie had to be at the hairdressers for 11am. Ronnie couldn’t believe her hair doo only cost £16 as she would have paid £34 down south.

Here is the result ….


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Jane arrived with some raucous tales from her 3 week stay in Thailand……We have been in stitches at her experience in the boy’s town (gay part of the city she stayed in)……She was invited to a sex show by someone the age of her son (17)…..She said “NO” for the record. Or so she told us.

Lovely day overall. Karen went for a walk with Ronnie. About 1/2 a mile in total, a new record. Hopefully she won’t cop it tomorrow.

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