Immediate Aftermath of the Accident – 27th April 2005

From reading all the statements from everyone at the scene of the accident, it sounds like the aftermath of the accident was very frightening (for Karen, Angela and Kevin AS WELL AS the first people on the scene).

To give a flavour of the few minutes following the accident, I have picked out a statement made by a lady I have called Helen Dougal. She is a Sergeant in the Police force. She was travelling with her husband (Also a member of the police) and their son.

Upon seeing the accident [my husband] slowly drove our car onto the hard shoulder approaching the scene of the accident which, when it occurred, was about 200 yards ahead.

At this time I did not notice any other vehicles, as my attention was drawn towards the white coloured vehicle which had landed on the verge. The front and the rear of this vehicle had sustained substantial damage, the rear particularly was pushed right inside the vehicle’s interior I became concerned when there was no movement from the occupants inside this car

I heard [my son] say he was on his phone and as [my husband] brought the car to a halt I left the car and ran to the white vehicle. I was aware that there were two other people running towards the same car, but they stopped before reaching it. I noticed that there was no movement from either the driver or the front seat passenger.

I tried to pull open the driver’s door but it would not open, and the window was still intact. I noticed also that the engine was not running. I went round to the front passenger door and tried to pull this open. Again it was stuck. I then noticed that there was a third person in the rear of the vehicle, but the position of this person initially caused me some confusion, as the head and shoulders were in the front of the vehicle, facing the front seat passenger. I looked into the rear of the car, and saw that there was no window intact and there was approximately 15 inches between the rear of the back seat and the rear of the front passenger seat.

I noticed that the rear seat passenger was not wearing her seat belt, and a ‘rucksack’ type bag was wedged between the back of the rear passenger and the seat. Her legs were still positioned behind the front seat passenger and her backside and hips were wedged between the two front seats.

As I assessed the situation the rear seat passenger, who had been unconscious, was starting to move and I heard her groaning. I took hold of this lady’s left hand, which was around the back of the seat, and shouted to her.

Her hand was bleeding slightly from small cuts on the back of her hand, which I assumed was from broken glass. The lady began to panic and begged me to help her out. I informed her that she had been in an accident and the doors were stuck. I began to talk to her telling her that help was on the way. I asked her, her name and she told me her name was Karen and that her legs were hurting her.

Whilst talking to Karen I became aware of the front seat passenger beginning to move. I asked Karen what her friend’s name was; she said her name was Angela.

I noticed that Karen, the rear seat passenger was becoming very pale and was having difficulty supporting her own neck. The off duty male officer had managed to reach in from the driver’s door and began to support her head and neck. Both women were becoming pale and sleepy and I continued to talk to them, encouraging them to stay awake.

It was whilst waiting to leave the scene that I realised how lucky we were that we were not caught up in this accident. I had great concerns for both female passengers and I am currently suffering ‘flashback’ from the accident

Here are some other people’s view of the aftermath of the accident…….. CLICK HERE. Names have been changed.
Kevin took the time to visit his car at the scrap yard some days later……….this is what he came across……….

Kevin's Car

It’s hard to believe most of Karen was in the back seat of this car !

Kevin's Car

As well as Kevin’s photos, the police ground and airborne units were on scene, taking photos for a possible “Death by Dangerous” driving charge.



Karen and Angela were both taken to the Q.E. at Gateshead.

Here’s what the ambulance people recorded for Karen………….

Ambulance Sheet

Kevin was knocked unconscious and suffered broken ribs and collarbone.

Angela sustained a broken pelvis, some broken neck bones (and more that I am unaware of at present.

Karen took the brunt of the blow and suffered :-

Shattered Pelvis (worst injury)
Dislocated Hip
Broken Phema with the ball joint being broken off.
Contused Lungs
Liver and Kidney Damage
Broken Arm
Head Injuries (Front and Back)
Awful Bruising on her legs (they were incredibly bruised) and
A wide area stroke leaving her with no feeling or motor function on the left side of her body.

There was some good news however. All her nails were intact. She had been growing them for the first time in ages. :)

Karen arrived at the hospital at 2.27pm

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  1. John Brundle says:

    Hi Karen and David,
    Sorry it’s been so long getting in touch again. I hope you are both well. I have just began reading
    the blog again after so long. How have you managed to keep it going for so long has amazed me.
    Anyway, I do still think about you both and that awful day in 2005. In fact it always comes to me on my
    way to work as I pass the spot every shift I work.
    Anyway hope you are well. Would be lovely to get in touch sometime. Maybe I can fill you in on
    any little missing pieces.
    Take care,

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