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Day 17 – Saturday 14th May 2005

kp is on a roll !!!! :-)

She was on the bellows overnight for a while. This is a halfway house between full ventilation and breathing for herself. It is more taxing for Karen, but makes her lungs stronger…….But…..

Was tiring at 5am, put back on ventilation. Plan to return to bellows. Much more alert/orientated today. Very appropriate responses but left neglect/paresis remains.

She had a bloody awful night “projectile vomiting” as kp herself described it.

But a cracking day today. She had the voice thing fitted to her ventilator and gave the doctor (John) the “1000 question” treatment about her awful night. Poor chap probably wants to get her sedated asap.

Here’s his record of it……


Click on photo to enlarge

But, he went on to say………

Awake and communicating well with the cuff down but keeps asking the same questions repeatedly

She has been smiling today a lot at various funny situations.

There is a lovely indian nurse called Susilla, and Karen keeps calling her over using the name “Basillus”. When she was first told the name Susilla, she bluntly said “who thinks up these names ?”. We chuckled. Susilla smiled.

On the negative side she is also very confused and is convinced she went out with one of the nurses (Alan) for a meal the night before. Alan says he didn’t go out with her. I believe him. But this is quite normal apparently to have vivid dreams when on morphine.

kp is off all pain relief at the moment but the memories of the dreams linger.

I have been prodding lots of karen’s left side today. Something to do ;-)

She said she could feel it, but then I said “can you feel this ?” (and I wasn’t prodding) and she said “yes”. I said “I wasn’t prodding then. You cheat ! :) ”. She immediately replied “You’re a cheat too then”. I laughed, kp did a big grin.

I have a voice recording of Karen thanking everyone for their texts. When my friend Nigel can get it on the internet, I will post the link in the blog and you can hear kp.

Tomorrow should be the move to Sunderland. 2pm is the scheduled time, could be earlier or later though.

Pelvic Op on Tuesday.

Roll on days like today ! :)

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