4 Responses to Day 17 – Saturday 14th May 2005

  1. Jane Boxall says:

    Fantastic news. Well done KP.
    Karen is making a remarkable recovery – and she still manages to ‘have a laugh’ – even though it is at DP’s expense. Everyday we think about Karen and wonder how she is – and everyday we receive that very awaited text message with an update – Karen is making such wonderful progress its just absoutely marvellous how she lifts our lives making just a little bit of progress everyday. Thanks Karen. Your are doing briliantly.

    All our love to you

    Jane, Guy, Sophie and Jamie


  2. vdfromboro says:

    Hello Karen!
    well what a day you had yesterday – are any of these doctors easy on the eye? If not check them out in Sunderland and if they are better can’t you arrange to stay there? Well it’s better you sussing them out first for me rather than me “getting a man out of the paper”!
    Yesterday my big event was this web site, so I had a “cracking day” too. Yesterday was also my first day without a call from Jane so I reckon her and Tony have slunked off somewhere quiet…..!!! Let me know if she sounds/looks tired when you see her. Either that or she was at the hospital having fun with you lot.
    All the Dennisons are thinking of you and as you can imagine the only thing Irene wants to do is give you a big hug, make you a cup of tea and feed you.
    So listen while you are getting your hips and pelvis mended can you arrange to get your foot sorted so I don’t here “my heel spurs bloody killing me” any more. No sneeky tummy tucks or eye lifts while you are having the op – thats cheating.
    I’m off to lunch at Phil’s, as you know I’ll be in no fit state after lunch. So this is my only message today – have a good trip to Sunderland – I suppose someone has to visit the place.
    Get lots of rest before the op, sounds like you’ll be glad to be back on the morphine (whats John look like?). Tell Jane to give me a ring as she’ll never manage this blogging stuff unless Tony does it for her.
    Lots of luv
    Veronica X

  3. David Pollard says:

    Thanks for the messages. kp will be lol’ing at these. Well, more likely we’ll get a big smile from her !! :)

  4. vdfromboro says:

    I know I said the previous message was my last of the day, but just to confirm I’m at Phil’s and drinking lots of wine, raising too many glasses to you, so its all your fault. Anyway the last time Phil saw you, you were flat out pissed on my sofa, now you are flat out in Sunderland. Regarding your projectile volminiting I do remember you doing the same at Kings Cross tube station (sorry shouldn’t have told everyone) but we all know your digestive movements in any case – thanks to David. I remember Kings Cross – and you showing everyone the contents of the previous night, me trying to pretend I was a concerned passer-by, handing you a tissue, until the tube guy came along and I had to admit I knew you!
    How was the journey? Hows John and the morphine? Is Jane looking tired?
    The sun is shinning in Surrey, god knows what its like in Sunderland -that place makes the Boro look like a walk in the countryside.
    Here’s to Tuesday
    Luv Ronnie and Phil (he’s just broken the fridge)

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