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Day 10 – Friday 6th May 2005

The main orthopod came to examine Karen today. He concluded………

Hip appears possibly dislocated from AP Pelvis. To discuss with (Sunderland orthopod) over weekend.

Today, she also had an ultrasound of her kidneys, but it was tricky to do with the external meccano set protruding from her front and back…….

Kidney Ultrasound – sub-optimal examination due to technical reasons such as overlying dressing and external fixation frame. Both kidneys appear structurally normal, but keep in mind suboptimum examination

Every day, the hospital prepares a summary sheet of her current situation………..Here is today’s. Until I saw this, I was completely unaware that Karen had pneumonia at this time as were the rest of the family. We were aware of the MRSA she had in her head wound though. I have highlighted some key things………..


Click on photo to enlarge

The physios were attending daily by this stage. You might think what physio can she do while she is sedated, but basically the physio ran through a set of exercises that the family could do to stop Karen’s arms and hands bending in on themselves………

Physio-continue daily arm stretches (15 second hold x 5 neutral). Unable to do passive movements for knees, hips or upper limbs

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