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Day 19 – Monday 16th May

Another corker of the day. Try stopping this woman !

None of significance.

She didn’t have the best night sleep in the world. She didn’t get to sleep until 2am according to the nurse and according to kp, she was kept awake because I took her to Manchester in the middle of the night apparently, and the place we stayed had “what are those furry creatures called?” (rats) that went .

We were sniggering. She has dreams that she feels are reality. It’s a little disconcerting, but at the same time, we find humour in every situation. I think I understand why paramedics and fireman have such good senses of humour. They come across some dreadful situations but use humour as an escape. We feel we are doing the same.

I remember one time about a week ago, we were creased up with laughter in the visitors room at Gateshead and the nurse came out to say we could go back in to see Karen (a little bemused by our laughter). Jane said “Wouldn’t we feel pratts, if she had come out to say ‘sorry, karen has passed away’”. We laughed more. This sounds awful, but its our way of dealing with it. And it works – strangely !

Other negatives
Bit of a temperature today 38.7C. But as quick as they come, they go. Bloods sent for analysis to check there is no infection. Apparently, it depends where the infection is if they will operate or not. If it is a chest infection (well away from the pelvic bone), then this may not be as bad (from an operation perspective) as an infection in her stomach. A stomach infection that spreads to the pelvis during the operation would be very bad.

Incidentally, while I remember, kp’s stomach is still not fixed. I think they have stitched up the skin, but left the muscles unstitched allowing free-er movement of the lungs. Or they have stitched up the muscles and not the skin. One of the Two. What do I know – there’s somat still to do in the stomach region ! :)

Loads of positives today from the relatives perspective. kp has been on the voice gadget ALL DAY ! From the moment I went in, to the moment I left. I went in about 1115am and she was fast asleep. She can’t snore (like usual) and instead blows bubble out of her mouth. God, she will kill me for putting this on the internet, but hey, it was funny as hell and who gives a sh+t, if she kills me it means she made it through and I won’t mind at all. And for about 45 mins, I just stoo there wiping her brow with a dampened bandage. I loved every minute of it, and stayed until she woke up. She later told me she had been awake for a while but just liked the mopping of the brow. She’s no fool !

She was very tired for the first few hours and didn’t open her eyes, but did talk a lot. But it was lazy talk.

A real cracking day of humour. The highlight of which was when Tony Burns came in. Karen had asked for Tony to come into see her. She was so keen for this to happen, the nurses said it would be ok. Tony is the husband of Jane (my rock). Karen had Tony and Jane and me in stitches. She was doing all her usual banter. She pulled Tony’s nose off his face. Scalded him for not bringing in fresh pineapple, and told him how pleased she was that he hadn’t come in a few minutes earlier when her bum was bare and the nurses were turning her over.

She is a complete star ! And she thrived on Tony’s company. Thanks Tony !

Need to eat now. It’s 9.27pm. So I’ll finish with the latest news

The operation tomorrow is unlikely to go ahead. I think the consulants underestimated the work involved to fix kp’s pelvis and hips. They called for some additional 3d scans of kp’s pelvis and hip and apparently tomorrow morning they are going to have a meeting to discuss how to fix her.

There is a slim chance that they may operate tomorrow afternoon. But I got the impression it was more likely to happen on Wednesday. I will keep you posted.

One final thing while I remember. Karen spontaneously started telling a nurse about what she remembered about the accident.

She said she remembered telling an unconscious Kevin to hang in there because he had two wonderful sons who would need him (I don’t know if Kevin has 2 sons or if this was a dream).

She also remembered Angela was groaning in pain.

From what I have heard, Kevin (the driver) is doing very well. He has a broken collarbone and some broken ribs and although sore is well on the way to recovery.

Angela is doing very well also. She has had her pelvis operation and it went very well and she is chirpy. Hope thats right. But thats what I have been told.

If we have another day like tomorrow, I will be over the moon.

I will be very relieved when the pevlis operation day is over. Apparently, the operation will last the best part of 8 hours.

Keep all your fingers crossed tomorrow (in case its tomorrow) and definately on Wednesday !


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