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Day 18 – Sunday 15th May – Part One

Had a phone call while I was walking the dogs. Karen is being moved this morning to Sunderland. She should be there by now. Being sedated for the journey.

Here is the letter that accompanied her to Sunderland…………..


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Day 18 – Sunday 15th May – Part Two

Another storming day for Karen !! She is on fire !!

Let’s get the negatives out of the way first.

I felt that the stroke was showing itself more than previous days. Her left eye, mouth, arm and legs aren’t as responsive as previous days, but I am not overly worried about this as I am sure these things come in fits and starts.

She had a temperature after the journey, but I am pleased to report that after much wiping of kp’s head, arm and legs and the cooling blanket, this was normal by the time we left. The nurse advised us if it didn’t drop, there was a possibility the operation would go ahead as planned. Hopefully it will stay down.

kp got a little distressed and wanted to tell us something but waited until there were no nursing staff within earshot. She relayed the fact she had overheard a nurse at Gateshead saying how distraught I was that kp may not pull through this (to another nurse). When kp first went in, there was big doubt she would make it through the first few days, and indeed we did nearly lose her on the first night. And I and the family were distraught at times. But since then, with her boundless determination and strength, the situation is very different and although I occasionally have a cry, I am not feeling as desperate as the first few days. Karen is such a carer, and overhearing such a conversation would play more on her mind than the medical predicament she finds herself in. So we reassured her that this was old news and we were so proud of how far she has come. She was reassured by this. She knew the nurses meant well by saying what they said, but they shouldn’t have said it in her presence.


She had a good night sleep the previous night, no vomiting !

She has been off the main ventilator all day, and on the bellows which is a kind of halfway house between full ventilation and free breathing. And to our great delight, she has had the voice gadget fitted all day !!

We have been howling with laughter at some of the things she has come out with. She has been doing the biggest of smiles in return.

Jane Burns (Karen’s best friend and who has been a great rock to me) was next to her bedside and Karen was asking why Tony (Jane’s husband) wasn’t here today. She wanted to see him tomorrow and when she sees him she is going to “tweak his noise” (Karen showed Jane how she was going to tweak his nose). Given kp couldn’t have lifted her right arm a week ago, we were over the moon that she was doing it and with kp humour intact ! :)

Jane also mentioned to Karen that I was missing sexual services from Karen so she had better get well in time for my twice yearly servicing in July otherwise we would have to get a phillipino woman in to help out ( a private joke ), to which Karen replied “Yes, because they are cheap [to hire] aren’t they”. We laughed, kp did the biggest of grins.

That’s about it for the day, but I want to record one other thing to tell Karen about when she is better. Karen didn’t spot this today, but she will find it funny in a month or so’s time.

Karen has been quite demanding on the staff today (no surprise there). The nurse was struggling to get blood out of Karen’s line in her right arm. Karen (of course) does this for a living, being a venapuncturist for the Blood Service. So, Karen said something like

kp :- “You should try holding my arm tighter” (or something like that) and then added
kp :- “I do this for a living”

To which the nurse (totally unaware that kp is a venapuncturist) replied :-
“What, you’re professionally a temperamental person”

Karen didn’t spot what she said. I felt it best not to mention it to Karen or the nurse.

Something for another time…..

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