Day 1162 to 1168. Monday 23rd to Sunday 30th June 2008

Better week this week.

Monday and Karen had her session with the OT (Rachel). They went to town to try and get kp out and about. kp enjoyed it and got some lovely biscuits from M&S.

Tuesday and Steve (Physio) and Karen did some work at home. They did some work on kp’s balance with the Gym Ball and then on the Wii Fit. The Wii Fit is awesome for Karen as it really encourages her to better herself.

In the afternoon, we had our counselling sessions. It was timed so I could sit in on Karen’s as well. I was up first with my chap. It was good to just talk about how the accident has affected me and how I am coping with our new life. It didn’t feel like we solved anything, but I don’t think that was to be expected after just one session.

Karen enjoyed hers as well and I feel sure she is getting somewhere which is good ! After that, I took her to Whickham Villa for 90 minutes in the flotation tank. Perfect for me as well, so I could go back to work for an hour and then return to pick her up.

Wednesday and kp had booked a taxi to drop her off in the village to get her hair and nails done.

Thursday, there was nothing on, but kp did her best to stick to the schedule we have draughted up, here is an example of how busy kp is !!!

The reason we drew up this specific timetable is because kp gets confused with when she has some time off to do normal things (like see friends, watch tv etc…) and when she had it as one big list with things like “Do this 3 times a week, do this twice a week two times daily), she couldn’t work it all out, so this has helped her a lot and has took the pressure off.

She also made Lasagne for tea and it was delicious. That works out quite well. kp can make certain dishes, but the problem she has is bringing it all together to be served. ie timing the cooking of the Lasagne, the potatoes and the veg all to be ready at the same time. It’s too much for her, but that’s why we make a great team.

Friday and another physio session, this time Karen took a taxi to meet Steve at the local gym. She had a great day, doing some bike work and some time on the cross-trainer.  After that, they did some more Gym Ball and Wii-Fit at home. I think Steve enjoys the Wii-Fit too as he beat my high score on the Ski Jump ! :-(

His new record didn’t last for long though !!! Read it and weep Steve !

Friday and I went straight from work to pick Ethan up. He was coming to stay the friday night. He was great and VERY well behanved (MOST OF THE TIME!). He never stopped talking and I think, at times, it was a bit too much for Karen. He kept talking when she was asking him a question and she was a lot more irritable than she would have previously been. Even Ethan noticed it.

We had a great Saturday though. Ethan and I went to buy him a football and then we all walked the dogs.

Here is a photo kp took…..

Saturday night, we watched “Full Metal Jacket” but it wasn’t as good as the Sky Star System made out. It had 5 stars (the most a film can have). We would have given it 2.

Late night and early rise this morning (for me), but kp was up most of the night AGAIN (sleep still remains the main issue and all the things she is supposed to try) aren’t reaping any benefits yet :-(

She still stayed up when I got up (at 7.15am) and has managed to get a second wind which should last the day out.

We have done some gardening this morning and done a cracking job too.

On another note, I was called into a meeting with my bosses about the amount of time I have been taking off for all Karen’s appointments etc… They have been superb and very understanding but I think they are looking for things to become more “normal” now. I explained that it was a particularly bad time at the moment with no Support Worker and with me having weekly counselling as well as Karen etc, and that an end was in sight (when we have a new Support Worker), so hopefully we can come to some sort of agreement.

There is more to discuss this coming week I expect.

So, in summary, generally kp is heading in the right direction, but sleep is pulling her down. She is surviving on between 2 and 6 hours sleep a night (but not in one straight stretch unfortunately).

We’re keeping positive.

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