Day 1 – April 27th 2005 – Part Four

At some point on the second day, a nurse came to see us and asked us what faith Karen was.

Well, she is Catholic but not a church-goer.

The nurse suggested that if she was Catholic, you may want to consider giving Karen a blessing. (The Last Rites is what she meant of course).

This confirmed my worst fears.

She was going to die. I had awful thoughts at that time, awful !

We then, as a family, had a discussion. I am a firm believer in there not being any gods (I am a “humanist”) and I knew kp was a believer just in case there were. Some of the sisters are strong Catholics. So, I was of the opinion that kp probably wouldn’t have wanted “The Last Rites”. Yvonne and Marie thought she should have them. Michelle agreed with me and felt kp would say “Don’t bother with that”

This isn’t the time to have a family disagreement.

“There is nothing lost by having them” were my thoughts. And if it made Marie and Yvonne feel better, then kp would have liked that.

Michelle, Yvonne and I weren’t there for The Last Rites, but Marie I think really appreciated it.

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