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Day 1466 to 1472. Monday 20th to Sunday 26th April 2009

A great week. Life is good again !

Natalie was off on Monday/Tuesday, so dp was the support worker. Karen had contacted Laura (the last support worker) to see how she was doing, and she said she’d come round for all the goss. Which she duly did, arriving bang on time on her motorbike, making the most of the glorious weather.

It was great to see Karen in such good form, hearing all Laura’s latest information and sharing her latest news with her. Laura stayed for a few hours. We spent most of it with the dogs in the back garden.

In the afternoon, instead of going to the gym as we had planned, we took the dogs on a short walk which they thoroughly enjoyed as did we ! :-)

We also popped around our neighbours (Tommy and Eileen). Karen hasn’t seen them since 2008 so she enjoyed the catch up and we were both pleased she was strong enough to speak to them and enjoy their company.

Tuesday was a busy day. I took kp to see Steve (physio) in Seaham. Karen did some balance board. Steve noticed that Karen’s left hip was not locked in when standing. She always does this. Steve had done some exercises with Karen a few months back to try and help this, but it caused Karen so much pain, they had avoided it, but Steve asked if she would give it another go but with more moderation. So, she did just a couple of the relevant exercises and it was fine the next day, so hopefully if she can lock her hip in, it will improve her walking. That’s the aim.

After physio, we had to go to the psychiatrist in Hexham. We had an hour to kill, so stopped off at Costco to stock up on Pig’s Ears and Dried Dog Food – as you do :-)

The psychiatrist was well pleased that Karen was feeling better and put it down to the Gabapentin being fully out of her system. At the end of the session, we discussed a future appointment, and we all agreed, that there was no need to book a further appointment, because there would be no point. So, we are to contact him, only if things take a turn for the worse. Karen was pleased that she had moved past the need for a psychiatrist. Fingers crossed, her mood continues…. :-)

Wednesday, Nat was back and the girls made the most of the glorious April we are having and did gardening. Karen REALLY enjoyed it. Karen was hoeing, and Nat was doing the bending down, picking the weeds out that Karen had hoe’ed :-) I wanted to be involved to maximise the lovely day, so sanded some window sills down and repainted them.

Thursday wasn’t quite as nice, so the girls made some Parmesan and Tomato bread – lovely it was too ! And then they went to the gym, where kp as usual, tried to beat her last distance or time, at the cost of pain the following day !!!!!

Friday, they went to the Metro Centre to get birthday presents for me and Dad. We both have birthdays in May. It wasn’t a successful shop as Karen was in too much pain from the gym the day before. So it was cut short.

Saturday, Karen had a ball. It was Sister’s Day. It’s a monthly (kp mood allowing) get-together of all the sisters. Nat took kp over and handed kp over to the Sisters and then brought her back. Karen really enjoyed all the catching up and I think the sisters were pleased to see kp well again :-) There was a slight dip in the day at the beginning, when kp didn’t feel 100%, but she went for a power nap and felt great, so Sister’s Day was able to go ahead ! I went off with my mate Dave Kingdon to look for a dry suit in Whitley Bay.

And last night, we watched “The Usual Suspects”. Cracking film, but far too complicated !! We must have stopped it every 5 minutes to explain the intricacies of the plot to kp ! But, she still enjoyed it, especially the twist at the end ! :-)

Today, we have walked the dogs and I’m doing the blog, while kp is writing an email to Syd. We are then going to book a night in Edinburgh for Karen to see John Edwards. He is a psychic from America. kp is a big fan, and I think she is going to ask Marie if she’ll go in the support worker role. Fingers crossed she will, ‘cos Psychics aren’t my cup of tea.

So, great week, couldn’t really be better.

Time for a general update…………..

Pain – Generally, in control. We are continuing to reduce the Fentanyl patches. They were at 600, and are now down to 325 ! They were supposed to go down to 325 (from 350) early in the week, but kp didn’t feel she was ready. But we went down to 325 last night :-) . I get the impression, it is going to get harder to go down in the future, but we’ll see.

Sleep – Generally, much improved. 5 out of 7 GOOD sleeps this week. Not all the way through, but not far off !!

Mood – Cooking on Gas Mark 9 !

Appetite – not brilliant, but not drastic either.

So, all good from the Pollard household.

Things are so good, I am starting to think what I am going to do with myself. I fancy a career change, and am torn between Diving Instructor or Helicopter Pilot. It’s a tricky one. But, the good thing is there is no rush, so I think I am going to do my private pilot licence in helicopters and see if I like it, which I am pretty sure I will. I already have a PPL in single-engine light aircraft, so am hoping that will make things a bit easier. That’s my thoughts at the moment, but our lives have never been straightforward since the accident, so everything’s suck it and see.

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