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Day 964 to 970. Monday 17th December to Sunday 23rd December 2007

Busy week for kp this week. A visit every day by one specialist or another. Physio came twice I think.

In a nutshell…….

Physio – Wobbleboard. This is kp’s new toy. Basically, the physio has assessed that kp’s balance is poor and she needs to improve it. With this aim in mind, he has brought a wobbleboard. Basically it’s like a wood circular board on top of a ball and she has to sit on it (whilst it’s on the table), and try and keep her balance. When she has cracked that, she has to do the same but standing on it. I have tried it, and it’s bloody hard, although to be fair I was a bit tipsy, but nonetheless it is challenging.

OT – Assessments

Speech Therapist (2 visits) – Assessments galore. Preliminary findings reveal that kp’s problem with words and conversation relate to more neuro reasons than speech issues – no big surprise there.

The Case Manager also came out for an update.

The only tears this week have been for Elsa (one of our German Shepherds) who wasn’t well on friday. Elsa has the prettiest face of any dog on the planet (obviously a little bias here), and she has the biggest “puppy dog” eyes. When she was ill, she was not getting up, hiding in corners, managing the feeblest wag if you made a big fuss. She had been sick SOOOO many times, we could tell something was wrong. Straight away, with dogs, we just think they are going to peg it. But, today, she has been much improved, so hopefully she has just had a 24-hour bug or something. She still hasn’t eaten all day as far as we can tell. But, a pigs ear seems to have been well received so things look promising.

Today, we have been doing the present run, going to all kp’s family to drop off presents.

Been a lovely day.

Pain seems to be well under control. About a week ago, the doctor begrudgingly allowed us to double the pain relief, so she is now officially on double the maximum of the morphine patches that she should be on. The only way he would do it is by only giving us a week’s supply at a time, which is a pain, but better than the alternative.

Sleep remains the dominant issue. She is just all over the shop.

I am working tomorrow (Xmas Eve), but then am off until 7th Jan, so we should enjoy some good time together !

Mum and Dad’s for Xmas Day.


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