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  1. Veronica Dennison says:

    David this may not be much help regarding details but here is my log regarding my calls from Jane:
    28th April 6.45 a.m Jane called to say kp had got through 2nd op at 3.00 a.m. critical but stable, not out of danger yet. Kp had massive swelling of the body, talking about cutting skin, pumping 100% oxygen into kps lungs, doc had told everyone we normally take in 21% oxygen with every breath but kp need 100% due to lung damage.
    28th April lunchtime -ish, spoke to you and Jane, you’d both gone to Eshwinning for some rest, and were leaving for the hospital, critical but stable, lots of talk about damage to kps lungs, her ability to breath and problems with massive swelling.
    28th April 8 p.m Marie rang current major issue at that point was kps kidneys on full dialysis. I was driving down the M40 at that point, felt I was going in wrong direction, heading straight for our Karen’s as I needed to see someone who knows kp. Late that evening Jane rang to say they needed to operate following day due to the packing inside kp and the need to do a tracky.
    Fri 29th lots of waiting all day to hear whether they had actually operated (think they were meant to do it at 9.00 a.m) long day, got call from Jane 3 p.m ish to say they had done op and it had gone as well as could be expected, we got crossed wires as I thought it included the tracky and was pretty high with such good signs to find out on Sunday that they hadn’t done tracky (Jane very tired – bless). Doc had said it was critical for kp to get through next 48 hrs (Sat & Sun). It had been a massive effort for kp to get through op.
    Sat 30th spoke to Jane twice – kp still critical but stable, no change still fighting.
    Sun 31st 8 a.m no change kp still fighting
    Sun 31st 2 p.m – ish spoke to Jane and Michelle – no change but Michelle very confident and up beat. Kp’s head/neck had been very swollen but Michelle now thought kp was looking much better.
    Hope this helps fill some gaps for the diary.
    Luv Veronica

  2. Veronica Dennison says:

    Well David, I am blogged off now, p***** off now,it\’s so frustrating that I couldn\’t post a message to Karen this weekedend, god knows whats gone wrong with the internet and bloggers. Anyway after god knows how many attempts found I can send a message via April but not May. This really makes me understand how the last few weeks must have been for you. I, like us all, have come to expect that I can blog (i.e communicate with Karen) as and when I want. That\’s how great your web site has been, but on a more sober note, how frustrating must it have been for Karen. Don\’t read this message to her as I really wanted to do an “up beat\” message today. I\’m on the road next week, and in a bloody hotel without internet access in my room, but will send a message to her when I can during the day, it\’s just that I like to be on my own when I send her a message, rather than at work, no one at work understands anyway. Yesterday was fantastic, Jane rang to say she\’d had the call. As my text said your pics were great, thanks again. Hopefully I\’ll be doing me normal blogging self soon.
    Cheers and LOL Ronnie

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