Barrel Law Update

The site visit scheduled for late October had to be postponed because of the road works on the B711 but will now take place on Wednesday 6th November.  We must hope for as clear a day as the Planning Committee had for their visit in March but hopefully the impact from the cairn and from Easter Alemoor will be clear whatever the weather.

As well as the Reporter people from ABO and SBC will be attending. Robert Francombe and John Godfrey will be there on behalf of local people and ABO will be delighted to meet me again.

We shall do all we can to make the impact clear without  making comments on windfarms in general which are not allowed.

Stephen Lucking

Community Broadband

The Board held a further meeting with a member of the Community Broadband Team.  The situation regarding fibre optic connection is still not clear and more information should be available shortly, but the position appears promising. The CDT will continue to monitor the position.

Work on the valley website is continuing and we hope to be able to launch shortly.  Please see details of the photographic competition below.  The Board is investigating the possibility of holding First Aid classes in the Forman Hall.  Further information will be available soon.

Mobile Library visit to Forman Hall

The Mobile Library has agreed to make an extra stop during its round of the Borthwick Water. Please see the diary dates for dates of visits.  The next planned visit is Tuesday 25th February between 10:00 and 11:00 am.  The librarian is excellent and can sign folk up on the day!  He will also try to access requested books from other libraries in the region.

We would be pleased if folk could drop by - I’ll put the kettle for a chat and a cuppa.


President Alison Riddell welcomed members to the AGM.  The Secretary and Treasurer reports were read out and approved, then the votes were counted.  The office bearers and committee members are as follows:


President:                    Alison Riddell

Vice-President:            Margaret Anderson

Secretary:                    Jean Riddell

Treasurer:                    Audrey Bone

Press Secretary:           Kathleen Jackson

Committee:                  Pearl Anderson, Cathy Campbell, Frances Munro, Cathy Nicol.

Competition for a paperweight was won by Alison Riddell; second Margaret Anderson and Alison Riddell also won the raffle.  The sales table raised £13.49. 


The 10th anniversary Roger Albert Clark Rally will take place on Sunday 10th November.  The vehicles will travel through the valley to Craik from 11.00 am and return 1.40 p.m.  It is anticipated that approximately 100 competitors will participate.

Lovable Lola Looking for New Home

Wendy Bulmer is looking for a new home for Lola, her six year old black and white cat.  Lola is a very sweet cat who doesn’t venture out much and just wants plenty of cuddles.  She is in good health and is used to sharing a home with dogs.  If you can offer Lola a home please contact Wendy on 880200.

Chisholme House

Charlotte Maberly’s talk about gastronomy was interesting, informative and at times shocking. Our obsession with cheap food that has a huge impact on the environment and little nutritional value was horrifically laid out in all its gruesome detail. Many of these simple yet pertinent facts are often overlooked or deliberately hidden by the food industry in the interests of profit. The two of us were particularly struck by the intensive farming techniques, wastage of the developed world’s resources and misleading information on packages – designed to sound like one thing but is in fact the exact opposite.