Location of Third Fibre Cabinet ?

There may be a third fibre cabinet being installed next to the Telephone Exchange (Borthwickbrae) over the next few months. Thanks to Irene and Simon who live near the Exchange for pointing out that there have been markings (now gone) on the ground. If you're within 1km (as the road travels) of the exchange, then you're highly likely to be able to get Superfast Broadband (if a fibre cabinet does indeed get built there).

4G Mobile Phone signal may be coming to the valley

Proposed Location of Eildrig Mast

Huge thanks to Jamie Gray at Eildrig for this info.

He has been consulted by a telecoms company looking to erect a mast at Eildrig, as part of the Scottish 4G Infill programme. This is in addition to the emergency services provision that is coming at the same location. It is not confirmed, but likely, that both emergency mobile phone signal, and commercial mobile phone signal (along with 4G data connectivity) will use the same mast (at Eildrig), once they've worked out how to get power to it etc....

This, of course, provides an alternate Superfast Broadband option for those within range of the mast, who may not be served by the upcoming OpenReach provision.

Fibre Cabinets are coming !

Further to the road closure article, and after a few enquiries with RoadWorks Scotland, we have approximate locations for the new fibre cabinets that are going to be installed up the valley over the next 3 weeks.

As suspected, there are only two that we know of at present :-(

One of them is going to be at Craik approximately where the road (from Roberton to Howpasley) forks downhill to Craik village (near Old Howpasley Schoolhouse). The work there also includes replacing a "faulty" telegraph pole and providing a power supply to the fibre cabinet. According to 1 Craik resident, there are spray paint markings where the cabinet is likely to be.

Upcoming Roadworks - Bringing Superfast Broadband a step closer

Good News and Bad News.

Good News
Over the next 2 weeks, OpenReach will be doing their preparatory work for the pending Superfast Broadband rollout later this year. Probably blowing fibre the length of the valley from Craik to Hawick.

Bad News
This will involve a series of roadworks as detailed in the diagram below.

For the most part, traffic should still be able to pass. However, one  Craik resident has informed us that they have received a letter from Morrison's Utility Services (who are doing the work on behalf of OpenReach) stating that there will be a "road closure on ZU103, Borthwickbrae for 5 days" [from Thurs 24th Jan 2019]. 

Roberton war memorial

ROBERTON, Parish and Church War Memorial
George Brunton, Pte. R.S.Fusilers
Robert Dickson, Pte. 2nd Lancs. Regt
Frank Dickson, Pte. 1st KOSB
William Dickson, Pte. 9th Royal Scots
Norman Elliot, Gunner R.G.A
James Elliot, Pte. 8th Cam. Highrs
James Ferguson, Pte. 8th Cam. Highrs
David Ferguson, Pte. 8th Cam. Highrs
John Hogg, 7th Regt. NZEF
George Lauder, Pte. 2nd S.R
David Little, Pte. 1st KOSB
John Rodgerson, Pte. 4th KOSB
Alex. N.H Scott, Lieut. Scots Guards
Charles Scott, Pte. Canadian Cam. Highrs

B711 - Road Closure

Road Closure Map

The B711 will be closed between Borthwick Brae and Roberton for 5 days from 3 - 7 September inclusive.  The road will be closed between 8.30 and p.m. and means that there will be no through route to Hawick along this road at those times.  Please see attached map for closure location.

Broadband Changes - STOP PRESS!

Thanks to Donald Knox for spotting it, but BT have lifted the artificial limits at the exchange and you may be now receiving much faster than 0.5Mbps broadband speeds. Donald has reported 9Mbps (download speed) at Deanburnhaugh, which is enough to get unbuffered video (eg iPlayer). The farther from the exchange (Borthwickbrae) you are, the lower the speed you're likely to get, unfortunately.


Bear in mind that this is before any fibre cabinets have been built, so further improvements in speed could be expected in due course. 


Roberton Kirk

A warm welcome awaits all who join us for worship at Roberton Kirk, which is part of Teviot & Roberton Parish Church. Under the leadership of the Rev Alistair Cook, the congregation has a desire to welcome all and spread the good news of Jesus in the valley.

We are holding an increased number of services in Roberton with the following planned for the rest of 2018:

200 Club

The ‘200 Club’ began in the 1980’s as a fund-raising scheme for the Forman Memorial Hall.  In that time, it has contributed around £400 every year towards the upkeep of the Hall.

This year we are doing things differently.

The new ‘200 Club’ will be relaunched in April this year with bigger and better prizes!

Members will each pay £10 per year to become a member of the club. (That’s less than £1 per month).  Each member is then assigned a number (from 1 through to 200) and will be given a ticket valid from April 2018 to March 2019.