SWI meeting

"Travel makes a wise man better'  Carol Peat will give an illustrated talk on South Africa.  The competition is aknitted hat for a baby and the hostess is Margaret Anderson

Farewell to our Hallkeeper

Farewell to our Hallkeeper
We will shortly be losing our Hallkeeper and I am sure you would agree that Stuart has been excellent in that role. The Hall is always immaculately presented and organised. He has made it more accessible by adding an electronic booking system and developing our Facebook page and the Borthwickwater website. The Hall is more firmly at the centre of our community and I am certain that many of you wish to say thank you. If you would like to donate towards a leaving gift, please forward it to Sandra Knox (880256) or indeed, to any Hall committee members. We hope to arrange an occasion for Stuart in the near future.
Sandra Knox, acting Secretary Forman Memorial Hall

Rugby afternoon

Our ever-popular 6 Nations screening takes place on Saturday 9th March when we’ll watch the Scotland v Wales game. Our supper, cost £5.00 will be a choice of pie, mashed tatties,beans/peas and tea or coffee will be on offer. Contact Sandra on 880256 to book, (essential!).

Forman Flix

The next Forman Flix night will be on Friday February 22nd. The film will be “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” The doors will open at 7:00 for the film starting at 7:30pm. Please contact David on 880276 for any additional information. Everyone is welcome, light refreshments are on offer and a donation of £3.00 is appreciated.

Yoga, mind and body class

The Mind and Body Workout classes will take place on Thursdays starting at 6:45 on February 14th February, February 21, February 28th and March 7th. This is a drop-in class, starting at 6:45 and anyone will be made welcome to a come and try session. The cost is £7.00 per session (a concession is available for students). Stay for a chat and light refreshments following the class at 8:00ish. Comfy clothing is a must and a yoga mat would be useful. Contact Sandra on 880256 for any additional information

Location of Third Fibre Cabinet ?

There may be a third fibre cabinet being installed next to the Telephone Exchange (Borthwickbrae) over the next few months. Thanks to Irene and Simon who live near the Exchange for pointing out that there have been markings (now gone) on the ground. If you're within 1km (as the road travels) of the exchange, then you're highly likely to be able to get Superfast Broadband (if a fibre cabinet does indeed get built there).

4G Mobile Phone signal may be coming to the valley

Proposed Location of Eildrig Mast

Huge thanks to Jamie Gray at Eildrig for this info.

He has been consulted by a telecoms company looking to erect a mast at Eildrig, as part of the Scottish 4G Infill programme. This is in addition to the emergency services provision that is coming at the same location. It is not confirmed, but likely, that both emergency mobile phone signal, and commercial mobile phone signal (along with 4G data connectivity) will use the same mast (at Eildrig), once they've worked out how to get power to it etc....

This, of course, provides an alternate Superfast Broadband option for those within range of the mast, who may not be served by the upcoming OpenReach provision.

Forman Folk


Our next Forman Folk will be on Wednesday February 20th from 7:00 to 9:00pm. This is an opportunity to share tunes and songs. If you are interested and would like to know more then contact Donald on 880256.

Fibre Cabinets are coming !

Further to the road closure article, and after a few enquiries with RoadWorks Scotland, we have approximate locations for the new fibre cabinets that are going to be installed up the valley over the next 3 weeks.

As suspected, there are only two that we know of at present :-(

One of them is going to be at Craik approximately where the road (from Roberton to Howpasley) forks downhill to Craik village (near Old Howpasley Schoolhouse). The work there also includes replacing a "faulty" telegraph pole and providing a power supply to the fibre cabinet. According to 1 Craik resident, there are spray paint markings where the cabinet is likely to be.