Superfast Broadband - Latest - June 3rd 2019

I took the opportunity of stopping to chat to one of the Morrison's Utility Services engineers who is laying the new fibre cable from Hawick to the exchange (Borthwickbrae).

I don't know if the following is 100% accurate or confirmed, but this is what he said :-

  • They are laying fibre from Hawick to Borthwickbrae exchange as the previous fibre isn't large enough to carry the traffic required for superfast to all valley premises. 
  • Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) is what is proposed for ALL those that want Superfast. This, if true, is wonderful news as it is the fastest Superfast possible ! When asked about premises East of Roberton (off the Hawick exchange), those properties will ALSO be able to get Superfast, as they are leaving junction boxes to run fibre from, along the route.
  • The FTTP will be carried along existing telegraph poles, replacing the old telephone cables. (Not sure how this impacts on those who receive broadband underground).
  • Timescale - By end of the Summer, first connections will be made


David Pollard