Severe Weather Warning

Weather Warning for Snow & Ice for Sunday/Monday (This has just been updated to include the Western Borders) and may affect this area only
The snow showers during tomorrow and Monday, any accumulating snow is likely to be restricted to higher ground, with any travel disruption mostly confined to the usual prone areas. Our Yellow Warning of Snow has just been updated, and now incorporates an ice risk too. It continues to highlight a medium likelihood of low impacts.  Looking a bit further ahead, stormy conditions are still forecast for midweek, with very strong winds, heavy rain and high seas. An Alert has just been issued for this.

As in all showery situations, not everywhere will see these showers, but where they do fall, we’re expecting only localised or temporary accumulations below 200m. Above 200m, we’re expecting some snow to accumulate over the period, so that by around midday on Monday, we’re expecting around 2-5cm of snow to have accumulated between 200-400m, and perhaps 10cm over 400m. It will be windy too, making for some rather unpleasant driving conditions in the showers, and afterwards too where there may well be an ice risk. Some of these showers could also be thundery, with hail another potential risk. A couple of unpleasant wintery days. As we go through Monday, showers will tend to ease in the south, but persist in the north for a little longer before gradually petering out in the evening.

Weather Warning for severe winds on Wednesday that will affect all of the Scottish Borders.

Forecasters are keeping a close eye on a stormy period of weather through the middle of next week. Here a depression will track eastwards between Iceland and Scotland, which, depending on the track, will bring some very strong winds to the northern half of the UK during Wednesday. Wintry showers are expected though this period as well. A Yellow Alert of Wind has just been issued for this, which highlights that medium impacts are possible, though a low likelihood at this stage – this is valid for all of Wednesday and covers the whole of Scotland (apart from Shetland). Spring tides, a moderate surge and large waves all combine to give some minor coastal flooding concerns.

Jim Fraser (Scottish Borders Council, Emergency Planning Officer, Scottish Borders)