Rumi Festival at Chisholme House

We'll see some extra traffic on the valley road over 2nd - 4th August weekend, with visitors attending a festival in honour of the life and legacy of Jalalu'l-Din Rumi, to be held at Chisholme House.  All are welcome.

Rumi, born in Persia in 1207, is held in great regard throughout the world as a person who represents profound meaning for humanity, the words of his poetry and addresses cutting across time and going straight to the heart.

His poetry stands currently at the top of the best-selling list for poetry in the world.  The message of Love that he transmits and the sense of his knowing what makes people tick 'from the inside', in an essential way, perhaps goes toward explaining this popularity, together with respect for the paths of different religious beliefs from a universal standpoint,

So this event is really a world occasion and the festival is: 'A celebration in music, word, art and dance, featuring Kudsi Erguner (internationally renowned Turkish master of the Turkish Ney - a wind instrument), Mairi Campbell the well-known Scottish fiddle player, a whirling Dervish 'Sema', Live Music, Theatre Workshops, Poetry Exhibitions, Delicious Food and more...'

To find out more, visit or contact Chisholme Secretary on

There will be a lot of information about Rumi himself on the internet.

Tickets are available on the website and from Chisholme office (01450-880215) there is a special local rate for weekend tickets.

Evening concert tickets (Kudsi Erguner on Friday and Mairi Campbell on the Sunday).  Delicious food at reasonable cost can be purchased throughout the weekend.