Red Squirrel Network


Teviot & Borthwick Red Squirrel Network
The second meeting of the Teviot and Borthwick Red Squirrel Network took place in the Forman Hall on 9th January; 25 members of the local community attended along with Alexa Seagrave and Laura Preston from Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels.
Alexa gave an illustrated talk on squirrels and red squirrel conservation in general, covering habitats, legislation, competition between greys and reds, the implications of squirrel pox, grey squirreltrapping, and monitoring and control.
Nigel Sargent outlined possible priorities for the area, and presented a menu of potential activities and initiatives, with a view to preparing a detailed plan of activities for 2019. This will be discussed and agreed at the network’s next meeting on 6th March.