Langhope Rig Blade Delivery Schedule – February 2015

Following my last update to the mailing list on Friday 16th January, we can now confirm that the new blades for the Langhope Rig wind farm have arrived at Grangemouth and are scheduled for delivery to the site over a period of roughly 8 weeks starting next week. The scheduled dates for deliveries over the first two weeks are listed below however please bear in mind that these dates are subject to change depending on weather and road conditions on each day:
•              Saturday 7th February – 2 blades
•              Sunday 8th February – 2 blades
•              Wednesday 11th February – 2 blades
•              Saturday 14th February – 2 blades
•              Sunday 15th February – 2 blades
•              Wednesday 18th February – 2 blades
•              Saturday 21st February – 2 blades
•              Saturday 22nd February – 2 blades
As with previous deliveries, the blades will travel with police escort from Grangemouth to the site via Denholm, Hawick High Street, Martins Bridge and then the B711. Deliveries are expected to arrive at the site between 3pm and 4pm each day. People travelling this route on delivery days may experience some delays – please accept our apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused during this time.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the deliveries please do not hesitate to get in touch with me using the details below. I’ll be in touch in due course with the next part of the delivery schedule once confirmed.
Kind regards,

Kirstanne McDowall, SSE