Craik Forest Upate

The Borthwick Water Community Development Trust chairman Ashley Butlin recently had a meeting with a representative from the Forestry Commission and the following is the latest on the Craik Forest public access situation.

The Forestry Commission WILL be keeping the walking routes shown on the attached image OPEN and ACCESSIBLE. The waterfall route (marked CLOSED on the image) will NOT be maintained as the costs to maintain this route, which has become extremely dangerous due to land slides, are excessive. It is hoped that a new route will be opened to allow viewing of the waterfall from above. However, under the right to roam, any part of the forest can be reached except when logging is taking place and areas are prohibited for safety reasons.

All the logging roads marked on the second attached image are suitable for walking/cycling and the Forestry Commission MAY consider connecting  some of the roads with pathways if a case is made for it.

The buildings at Craik have had parties express an interest to purchase but no further details were disclosed.